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EAU Congress in numbers
Published 21-04-2011

More than 13,000 people visited the 26th Annual EAU Congress last month, including 10,436 delegates and 2,161 participants. Urology professionals from more than 70 countries joined us in Vienna and more than 20,000 visitors followed the congress online.

While attendance numbers are impressive, it was encouraging to find out what congress delegates think about  the contents and the organisation of Europe’s leading urology event. We asked the visitors to fill out a short questionnaire, and received 3,299 answers – with positive feedback!
The scientific programme of the congress was rated as “good” or “excellent” by 71% of the respondents, with the majority stating that the knowledge they received would be of immediate practical application and would help improve patient care. More than 70% of the delegates who answered the questions also felt that the EAU Exhibition was a useful source of information about new scientific and technological innovation. It was also a positive confirmation to see that more than 60% of the responding delegates considered the congress and the exhibition an excellent net-working platform, which they were able to make great use of.
Vienna, as a hosting city, proved to be a favourite not only for the organisers who enjoyed Austrian efficiency first-hand, but also for the delegates. More than 80% of the respondents felt it was a great venue and an convenient location. Especially encouraging was the fact that 86% oif the delegates rated the organisation of the EAU Congress as “good” or “excellent” – it is a validation of the great effort that urologists and various organising committees put into making this event a success.
How do the delegates see the future of the congress? It was a surprise to see that the majority of delegates – 57% - believe that a smart phone application could in the future replace the abstract and the programme books. A virtual congress appears to be an appealing concept for many – no surprise, as urology and technology progress go hand in hand!