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inspiration | Califrays revolutionizes Rungis Market and spooks the counters

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Created in 2014 in the heart of Rungis Market, Califrais reinvents the fresh food supply chain thanks to artificial intelligence. Simon Busey, co-founder of Califrays, agreed to answer our questions.

What is the Califrays principle?

Simon Busey: Established 8 years ago in the heart of Rungis Market, califrays Reinvents the fresh food supply chain thanks to artificial intelligence. gait? Digitaliser and optimiser toutes les étapes de l’approvisionnement de produits frais à grande échelle grace à des outils technologiques sur mesure: depuis la prise de commande, la logistique, la gestion du catalog et des stocks, jusqu’à la mutualisation des flux et de Delivery.

Simon Busey, Co-Founder, Califrays

califrays He runs the e-commerce site rungismarket.com, which brings together wholesalers from Rungis Market All food professionals in France are allowed access to a fortune Rungis With over 10,000 references thanks to a brand new service.

The value proposition is as follows: One order for all products to be placed until midnightunique delivery in record time (from 6 am the day after the order in and near Paris, a few more hours for the rest of France), Exceptional reliability and quality of serviceone invoice for simplified accounting, and the cool stuff: very competitive rates year-round and adapted to customer volume!

This offer is made possible by the complete control of the processes and the optimal collaboration between the various actors (wholesalers, logisticians and transporters). It is the optimization of the operational layer that allows the service to be the most competitive on the market: before using rungismarket.com, a customer of a restaurant in Ile-de-France received an average of 6 separate deliveries per day. The service also saves its customers an average of 7 hours per week thanks to streamlining supply management. Of course the customers are there!

How did this idea come about?

SB: Manufactured califrays In 2014 with my boyfriend Pierre Levy who grew up in the kitchens of family restaurants and caterers, and recognized early on the industry’s need for innovation in supply management. About me, I have been passionate about mathematics since my childhood and am fascinated by complex systems and their modeling. When we discovered the world’s largest fresh produce market in Rungis at the end of our own studies (HEC Montreal for StoneAnd the ENS Then a Ph.D. in Machine Learning for me), it was a revelation that combined our shared love of the Earth, our entrepreneurial thirst and our flair for solving huge problems. for 8 years, califrays Technologies that reinvent the food supply chain at scale, in a robust social approach that is environmentally responsible: decarbonizing flows and fighting food waste are the two principles at the heart of innovation.

You are currently running rungismarket.com, how is artificial intelligence changing this market?

SB: Launched in February 2022, Rungis Market’s new wholesaler e-commerce website is on its way to taking off fast. And for good reason: in the current context, it is offered at the rendezvous of food specialists that can be delivered anywhere in France, at unbeatable prices, at unprecedented times, and with record reliability.

the secret ? Technology to aggregate and optimize all logistical flows and offer customers a single delivery, which brings together products of all categories.

We created LabCom LOPF (Improving Product Flows at Scale), a joint lab with lpsm (Probability, Statistics and Modeling Laboratory), one of the largest applied mathematics laboratories in the world with 200 members. Reputable institutions supporting the program: CNRSAnd the Sorbonne University And the City University of Paris. This public-private structure is a unique collaborative success: there are already 4 PhD students being supervised by the two entities, and this is only the beginning.

Just six months after the official launch of rungismarket.com, more than 10,000 deliveries have been successfully completed, with an ever-increasing percentage of customers outside Ile-de-France.

New algorithms are then created, using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, to address the complex challenges of optimally managing the massive flows of the wholesale food market. The challenge is to get the right products at the right time and at the best prices while avoiding food waste; And to ensure optimum quality of service requirements while maintaining strong growth.

the service rungismarket.com It is also distinguished by its reliability: the modeling of complex flows makes it possible to anticipate and anticipate the demand for thousands of products and to optimize pricing and warehousing strategies, to deal with the risks of shortages. The combination of technology and controlled operational processes makes it possible to guarantee a service rate of more than 98.5%.

Finally, a new type of algorithm specifically designed to predict the risk of customer dissatisfaction has been developed by feeding on all customer interaction data with a service, such as economic activity or operational performance. This allows sales teams to react very quickly if a customer has an issue and get back to them with appropriate, customized solutions. This set of algorithms can also be used in the context of personalized medicine, when it comes to, for example, predicting the risk of developing a disease in a group of patients on whom we observe a large number of data.

What are your short term goals? (Number of merchants referred, Number of orders placed, Growth?)

SB: Already more than 50 wholesalers Rungis Market They have combined their efforts in an unprecedented way to create the richest B2B catalog of fresh produce in the world. Just six months after the official launch of rungismarket.com, more than 10,000 deliveries have been successfully completed, with an ever-increasing percentage of customers outside Ile-de-France. The service is satisfactory, with an average rating of 4.8/5 and the number of active customers is increasing by 50% every 3 months.

In the short term, the aim is to accelerate customer acquisition across France, while maintaining the operational excellence of rungismarket.com. The priority is also to reach a larger customer target: customized catalogs GMS Caterers, for example, are finely tuned.

Finally, service to Europe opens thanks to the group Steve, the leading European company in the field of transportation and logistics of food products. Germany, Italy and then Spain are the first three countries involved.

What is the California business model?

SB: The business model is that of e-commerce: goods ordered by professional food customers are purchased from wholesalers at the right time califraysto be assembled and then delivered to the customer in a single delivery, with one final invoice already including the logistics and transportation.

Another economic model can also be envisioned by the startup. Indeed, wholesale food markets around the world are closely watching the innovative model he proposed califrays. They are particularly interested in developing technology that can be easily deployed elsewhere.

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