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Pokemon Scarlett and Violet technical issues are obsessed with the game, not the Switch

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While yes, we’ve reached a point in the Nintendo Switch lifecycle where the handheld console has nearly two full generations of technology behind its PlayStation and Xbox competitors, the recent technical issues of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can only be partially attributed to older equipment. .

In fact, most of this is located at Game Freaks Pokemon hosts who haven’t figured out how to maximize the Switch’s limited open-world power of Scarlet and Violet, and seem to be a little too short in the development cycle of new ones. games to really give them the care they deserve.

Various technically broken facets of Pokemon Scarlett and Violet have been circulating throughout the weekend, though the post showing the difference between the open world of Xenoblade on Switch and Scarlet and Violet is particularly striking:

Next here is an animation of a character eating scarlet and purple food Not Wrong, how literally this sounds:

The insects themselves… hilarious:

I don’t know exactly what happened here:

Game Freak seems to invent new bugs:

Then there’s the not-so-funny issue with game performance. Terribly In many cases, massive frame drops, popups, and other issues occur:

While most of the community isn’t a fan of the game’s launch state, there are the usual Game Freak apologists who say it’s their first real open-world mainline game and they need some support. a bit of a slack, but at this point it’s the highest-grossing video game franchise in history. There must be many, many investments and care given to it. The game is already considered the least important entry in the series, and Pokemon could lose its grip on the industry if Game Freak doesn’t get a better handle on things.

The general consensus is that the game is, at its core, fun, but these technical limitations are so annoying that they can drown out the whole experience. So yes, it is likely It is It’s time for Nintendo to invest in more powerful hardware, since the Switch is five years old and hasn’t had a single performance upgrade, so many other series have done a much better job on the Switch, and in which case, this one falls squarely on Game Freak. We hope they take this seriously.

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