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French parliamentarians discuss banning bull taming

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Bullfighting, which was imported from Spain in the 19th century, is still popular in most of southern France.

For the first time in history, a proposal to ban “bullfighting” reached the National Assembly as public opinion turned in favor of animal rights. Bullfighting, in which the animal is usually killed by a well-dressed bullfighter with a sword, is an ancient tradition believed to have been preserved, however, according to critics, there is no place for outrageous rituals in modern society.

The government is officially opposed to a new bill banning bullfighting, with the Elysee Palace wary of a ban it says will exacerbate tensions between town and country and between Paris and the regions. Several deputies from President Emmanuel Macron’s party personally support the bill.

According to an Ifop poll in the Journal du Dimanche, more than 75% of French people are in favor of banning bullfighting. Thus, left-wing legislator Emeric Caron, a former TV presenter, wrote the text of the bill.

Ban supporters say bullfighting ‘just for fun’

Caron founded an animal rights party and won the Paris constituency in that year’s legislative elections under the Nupes banner. The Veterinary Council’s report states in its introduction that “Bullfighting by causing avoidable suffering and leading to the death of animals…is purely recreational and in no way inconsistent with animal welfare.”

– “It’s not an old tradition in France”

One of the arguments in favor of the ban was that bullfighting was not an ancient tradition in France, only to please Eugenie, the Spanish wife of Emperor Napoleon III in 1853.

Advocates argue that bullfighting is an art form

However, bullfighting advocates, who have demonstrated in many parts of France, say bullfighting is an art form rooted in local communities. Thus, banning it is a violation of tradition and a threat to jobs.

– “Society’s hypocrisy”

They highlight the “evil” of a society that allows factory farming and meat production, but cannot grasp the idea of ​​the public death of outdoor bullfighting.

The discussion will take place in this regard on Thursday in the assembly, which includes 131 members. Macron’s Ennahda party and its supporters lack a majority in parliament, leaving the opposition Communist Party with a better chance of winning.

Bullfighting is prohibited in other countries

Bullfighting has been banned in many parts of Spain, including the northeastern region of Spain, Catalonia, many Mexican states, and some South American countries. However, it is still considered legal in other parts of Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

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