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How to fix, possible causes, and more

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With the Warhammer 40,000 Darktide beta live, fans of the franchise are having a great time trying out the various new features the beta brings to the table ahead of its official release on November 30, 2022.

Unfortunately, new gameplay features weren’t the only things gamers encountered in the title. The game’s beta was plagued with several performance issues, some of which are quite annoying to deal with.

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One such issue is the “Server Disconnected” error experienced by many fans, and it has quickly become a recurring problem for gamers.

Although there is currently no permanent solution for this problem, some temporary solutions will probably fix this problem. The guide of the day It will explain how to fix the error “Server disconnected” in Hammer of love 40,000 the oil spill.

Fixed “Server Disconnected” Error in Warhammer 40,000 Darktide

The Server Disconnected error in Warhammer 40,000 Darktide usually occurs when there is a problem with your internet connection or the game servers are having issues.

To resolve this connection error in the game, you will be asked:

1) Restart your internet router

First, the problem may be with your internet connection gateway, and you can reset it by restarting your internet router. When you do this, you will need to reset your internet gateway, which can directly fix the “Disconnected from server” error.

2) Change your DNS

If restarting your router doesn’t work, you can check your ISP’s DNS change by going to your network adapter settings and clicking Properties. Under IP Settings, you need to click on Edit and then toggle on Manual DNS.

You will then need to enter as the preferred DNS and as the alternate DNS. This particular move seems to have worked for many players within the community.

3) Scan and repair files

There may be corrupted files in the installation directory, which prevent you from enjoying Warhammer 40,000 Oil Spill and generate a “disconnected from server” error.

You can solve this problem by scanning and repairing the game files in the directory. To do this, you must first head to the Steam client, right click on the game and select Properties. From there, you will need to go to the Local Files tab and then select Verify integrity of game files.

This process will thoroughly check all game files in the installation directory and replace any that have been corrupted.

4) Reinstall the game

While this might seem like a drastic move, it seems like a pretty cool amount of success for many who are facing this in-game connection issue. If all of the above steps fail, you may need to just uninstall the game and then reinstall it.

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