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Denmark considers quitting FIFA as more countries lose confidence in football’s governing body SportsBrief.com

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  • Denmark was one of seven countries that planned to wear the OneLove armband at World Cup matches
  • FIFA threatened to punish any country that protests Qatar’s human rights record with rainbow ribbons
  • The Danish Football Association has since confirmed that it is considering withdrawing from FIFA

The repercussions of FIFA’s decision to ban the use of the OneLove badge continue.

Germany protested the issue ahead of their match against Japan, and Denmark is also looking to take action.

Denmark is considering withdrawing from FIFA after the continued lack of confidence in the board of directors. Photo: Ulrike Pedersen.
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As I mentioned Football 365Denmark is considering withdrawing from the Globalism Football board of directors along with other countries.

Why is Denmark unhappy?

Denmark was among seven countries planning to wear OneLove armbands representing anti-discrimination.

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But on the eve of the tournament, FIFA announced that they would hand out yellow cards to the captains of both teams if they wore the armband.

All seven countries have refrained from wearing armbands, but Germany has taken some measures.

What did Germany do?

As I mentioned WomenThe German players kept their mouths silent as they took a group photo, explaining that FIFA’s badge ban amounted to silence.

The German Football Association also revealed that it would refer FIFA to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after the ban.

Denmark’s position on this issue

The Danish Football Association (DBU) discussed what penalty FIFA could impose and what they think of it.

DBU Chief Executive Jacob Jensen said that FIFA had made it clear to them that the “minimum” penalty was for a team captain to receive a yellow card, but that a team captain could also be banned.

The German Football Association (DBU) has announced that it will not officially support Gianni Infantino’s candidacy for the FIFA presidential election. They were also considering leaving FIFA once they had a discussion with other member nations.

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It is not a decision made now. We’ve been clear about this for a long time. “We’ve been discussing this in the North since August,” Jensen said.

Although Jensen admits there will be challenges if Denmark leaves FIFA alone, he believes there should be a dialogue about how to move forward.

FIFA’s ban doesn’t just extend to armbands – they also banned Belgium from using their warm-up kit because it was too colourful.

Fans are also not allowed into stadiums if they are wearing rainbow clothing.

Germany protests the FIFA badge ban

The German national team has taken a stand against FIFA by covering their mouths during a team photo session.

Football’s governing body has banned teams from using OneLove armbands while playing and threatened penalties if they did.

Mathematical summary I mentioned that teams like Germany, England and Denmark were just some of the parties planning to wear armbands in protest of discrimination.

Source: SportsBrief.com

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