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France has been accused of failing to monitor an NGO that stole children in Mali

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Journalist Morgan said new details in the case of nine Malian children who were accused of being fraudulently adopted from France in the 1990s suggest that the French authorities were aware of wrongdoing at the time and failed to act.

journalist with the scientist Daily, Le Cam has spent five years investigating the so-called “stolen children” case of one of the largest licensed adoption agencies in France.

In 2020, nine French nationals who were adopted as children in Mali in the 1990s filed a complaint with the NGO Rayon de Soleil (RDSEE). They accused the biological and adoptive parents of knowingly lying to facilitate the adoption.

Le Cam investigation, published in the scientist This week comes two months after a Paris court agreed to investigate RDSEE for fraud and breach of trust.

Le Cam told RFI that the RDSEE held a “double discourse” that “disappoints both adoptive parents and biological families in France, and especially in Mali.”

The Society informed biological families that their children would go temporarily to France, for example to study, but would return.

Meanwhile, adoptive parents in France were told that they had been voluntarily and permanently abandoned by their parents or taken in as orphans in their absence.

Some of the nine plaintiffs have been reunited with their biological families in Mali, and each says they had to give up their children.

series of failures

After months of struggle, Le Cam said he gained access to the diplomatic archives and discovered “a series of failures”.

“We see that France has failed in its international adoption business to control institutions recognized as Rayon de Soleil.

Records show that French embassies and diplomats warned the Foreign Office as early as the late 1980s about the League’s questionable practices, but the warnings were completely ignored. »

Le Cam notes that the State Department continues to issue visas to children adopted through Rayon de Soleil, even if those children are not adopted.

“The financial authorities considered the adoption illegal,” he adds.

Trusted broker

RDSEE is still arranging adoptions in Bulgaria, China, Chile, South Korea and India — which, according to Le Cam, is “quite shocking” to the plaintiffs.

In a meeting at the State Department last week, he was told that RDSEE was a “reliable intermediary” because the department had “consolidated control” over these bodies.

On its RDSEE website it says it no longer accepts files from future adoptive parents because international adoption procedures are slow.

the scientistA Mali poll published the same week signaled a further deterioration in relations between Paris and Bamako, and announced that French-funded NGOs would be banned from the country.

When asked if his investigation would benefit Bamako, Cam told me, “We’ve seen Mali isolate itself diplomatically for months, but my investigation into international adoption has nothing to do with slipping into Bamako.”

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