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Need for Speed ​​unrelated leaked images appear on the web

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Looks like someone got their hands on a pre-release copy of Need for Speed ​​Unbound and posted some screenshots on the web. Currently, there are still two videos on YouTube (although they may not last that long, according to EA’s DMCA team speed) showing around twenty minutes of gameplay.

Image quality is far from perfect, with the first video captured at 720p and the second at 1080p, but it’s still the longest streak of footage we’ve seen so far for Need for Speed. Unbound.

Need for Limitless Speed ​​Refers to a return to the developer’s Criterion Games series, which acquired Ghost Games (now just a support studio). Its release was delayed due to EA’s decision to put everyone on deck last year to ship Battlefield 2042, Development was halted on the Need for Speed ​​stream as Criterion was invited to help DICE release the game.

We only had official information about Unbound a while ago. EA announced on October 6 that it confirmed previous rumors that it would feature hybrid realistic/anime visuals (shaded characters, optional anime-style graphic effects, but realistic environments) and a renewed emphasis on street racing. The game will officially launch on December 2, although EA Play / EA Play Pro subscribers and Palace Edition owners can get it up to three days earlier.

On PC, the game will support NVIDIA DLSS 3. For a full preview of Need for Speed ​​​​Unbound, which will also be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S consoles | X, Jump here.

The world is your board in Need for Speed ​​Unbound. Prove you’ve got what it takes to win The Grand, Lakeshore’s ultimate street racing challenge. Over 4 intense weeks of racing, earn enough cash to compete in weekly qualifiers, beat the competition, and make your mark on the street racing scene while outmaneuvering and outrunning the cops. Pack your garage with finely tuned custom street light rides featuring your own unique style, exclusive outfits and a vibrant global soundtrack led by A$AP Rocky and AWGE crashing into every corner of the globe. Express yourself to the fullest with the latest new art styles and signature signs that’s all it’s all about. With separate single-player and multiplayer campaigns, this latest installment in Criterion Games’ Need for Speed ​​franchise offers hours of adrenaline-pumping action.

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