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Use direct shopping to generate better customer engagement

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With the democratization of live streaming in businesses, live shopping has naturally imposed itself as a new method of e-commerce. Unlike in-store sales, live shopping is an immersive virtual experience that generates customer interaction based on relationships. In fact, customers can not only see the products but also query and interact with the company and all from home.

Although it is a relatively new concept in France, direct shopping It is already widely used in ChinaWhere the companies achieved approx $300 billion in sales Thanks to live shopping in 2021. The phenomenon of live shopping is thus growing slowly but surely in France where 18% of French people know this concept and 45% find it interesting according to a study by measurement. A market that is therefore set to evolve in the future.

And due to the pandemic, direct shopping has become a given for businesses, which had to commit to digitalization faster due to various containment and social distancing measures that required consumers to stay home. Today, even though the pandemic has slowed and physical sales have returned, some consumers are still attached to the live online shopping experience. But what are the benefits of this practice?

Benefits of direct shopping

Direct shopping can be hugely impactful and completely game-changing for a business. In fact, it can not only act as a springboard for sales by taking it to the next level, but it can also be a guarantee of customer loyalty towards the brand.

  • Increase engagement with clients

The interactive nature of live shopping allows customers to be more involved in the shopping experience compared to traditional selling experiences. During the epidemic, and especially in the conditions of detention, agents Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées They were thus able to continue to benefit from an interactive experience thanks to a 100% virtual journey that accompanied them from start to finish, from product presentation to delivery.

How can the higher than average participation rate be explained? The answer is simple, direct shopping allows companies to present products and answer questions customers may have, all from home. In short, consumers can benefit from a personalized shopping experience without having to put up with the bad aspects of “traditional” commerce.

  • Higher conversion rates

Live shopping experiences not only lead to higher engagement rates, but also higher conversion rates. According to McKinsey, companies that organize live shopping sessions record a conversion rate of nearly 30%, or 10 times more than traditional e-commerce. rate increases for luxury goods Boston Consulting Group It reported average conversion rates of 70%.

The ability to create personalized interactions with customers through direct shopping leads to increased purchase confidence, higher conversion rates, and increased loyalty.

  • Greater brand awareness and loyalty

Often times, customers feel more connected to a brand that has a story behind it. However, it can be difficult for companies to tell this story. This is where direct shopping comes in and can help businesses create a story It will help customers understand what the respective brand stands for. During live shopping sessions, it is possible to do ‘unboxing’, allowing the story behind the product to be told, thus creating and/or promoting a closer link between the company and the customer by giving more closeness.

In fact, by getting more knowledge about what surrounds a product, its perceived value can increase by 11%. This means that customers will either be willing to pay more for the product or feel more satisfied with their purchase.

  • Lower returns in the store

Customers who purchased products through direct shopping are 40% less likely to return compared to traditional e-commerce purchases. Live shopping experiences enable products to be presented from the ground up: so customers are more confident and satisfied with their purchasing decisions.

Have the right tools to implement your direct shopping strategy

Although direct shopping is a relatively new way of selling in France and Europe, companies are already using it to promote their products and build brand awareness in creative ways.

With increasing importance across all industries, companies must begin to push the boundaries of creativity, innovation and style in these live experiences. Having the right technological tools is key to all of this.

Indeed, with the right solutions and the right platforms, IT teams and developers will be able to create unique live shopping experiences that engage and encourage consumer engagement. Whatever the size of the company, it is important to contact a supplier who will have the necessary capabilities to support all of the customers involved, taking into account their specificities and preferences.

Opinion article by Sam Richardson, Principal Consultant, Head of EMEA at Twilio

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