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John Bautista performs at President Biden’s first state dinner for Macron in France

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Joe Biden’s boss, musician Jean Bautista, is set to host his first state dinner at the White House on Thursday, which will highlight long-standing ties between the United States and France and pay tribute to the president. Emmanuel Macron.

“An artist that transcends generations, John Bautista’s music inspires and unites people,” said Vanessa Valdivia, a spokesperson for First Lady Jill Biden, whose office oversees production of the dinner.

“We are delighted to serve her at the White House at the first state banquet organized by the Biden-Harris administration,” Valdivia said.

Macron’s black tie dinner will be part of what is shaping up to be a busy social season at the White House. Biden’s granddaughter, Naomi, got married on the Southern Prairie earlier this month. First Lady Jill Biden is set to unveil the White House decorations on Monday, which will be seen by thousands of vacationers over the next month.

The Bidens returned from Nantucket on Sunday and thanked the family.

Batista will add a White House artist to an already long list of roles, including recording artist, conductor, composer, film composer, creative director of the museum and heir to New Orleans musical royalty.

He won five Grammys this year, including Album of the Year for the song “We Are.” At the awards show in April, Bautista ended her dance-packed performance of “Freedom” by jumping on a Billie Eilish table.

Bautista, 36, the musical director and final lead of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” left the show after seven years.

Bautista composed, advised, and arranged songs for the Pixar animated film, Soul. He won a Golden Globe Award for the musical alongside Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross from Nine Inch Nails. The trio also won an Oscar for Best Original Score. For their work on “Soul,” Bautista, Reznor, and Rose won a Grammy Award for Best Original Score for Visual Media Score.

The Washington Post first reported that Batista would perform at the dinner.

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