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The highly coveted Sephora advent calendar!

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focus today This is the most anticipated beauty calendar on the planet! Available in all formats by the brands, we’re taking a safe bet by customizing Sephora’s latest release with our own eyes. The 2022 Classic is the center of the French cosmetics brand’s full range of expertise. Body and face care, hair products, perfumes, home fragrances, make-up… This box contains must-haves so you can look your best during the holidays, before and after.

© Sephora

First, the first surprise: the calendar contains 26 gifts instead of 24! It houses some of the most luxurious and sophisticated brands such as Augustinus Bader, Paco Rabanne, Charlotte Tilbury or Christophe Robin. Behind the electric blue cages, you get everything you need daily to take care of your skin thanks to rich scrubs, masks and creams; We remake our travel cosmetics with cabin style makeup (mascara, lip gloss, etc). The Sephora box, generously endowed, has the peculiarity of presenting beauty accessories in standard size, which is rare enough to underline!

© Sephora

By picking leaves from this coveted goodie, you can liven up the Christmas magic until December 26 while discovering brand new ones. An opportunity to test and then – why not – build it into your routine for 2023.

For oneself, for those they love, this present always takes its toll.

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