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Thoughts on Maccelli, Moser, Kuzmenko, Morrissey, “Buy Low” options, and more… (November 28) – DobberHockey

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I’m not sure why a healthy Matias Makseli was knocked out twice last week as I saw his dangerousness improve as he became more comfortable in the NHL. An unseen prospect from Arizona ranked me so highly this summer that I blame myself for not getting into my breed league (I chose Noah Ostlund instead). He ended up being the highest rated player on my list and eventually went undrafted. And now it will be among the top 10 picks next summer. I remember a player in my league who didn’t even know who he was when he saw him on my roster (I share my roster after the draft – lots of nosy people in this league!). Maxelli came back from his double scratch on Sunday and had two assists. He has 12 points in his last 14 games, so I asked again – why was he eliminated? I’m sure he’s the player of the future who plays 40 assists with a maximum of 50. There’s not much for the goals, because he doesn’t shoot enough. Or… at all. Well, I guess that’s why he’s scratching. But at some point he’ll flirt with 20 targets, I’m sure.

For the record – Maxley didn’t score any shots on Sunday, so he didn’t learn to scratch.


Nick Schmaltz has three goals, four points and 15 SOG since returning from his annual injury four games ago. He played with Travis Boyd and Clayton Keeler, but they replaced Boyd on Sunday and created Nick Richie. Boyd hasn’t had a point since Schmaltz returned.

Coyote JJ Moser has points in five straight and eight of the last nine. He had PP time, but no PP time in six games. So his points are showing strong and I think he’s becoming more comfortable playing alongside Juso Valimäki. Both men are used defensively and become very effective in this role. In fact, Valimaki leads the team in percentage Corsi while facing the toughest competition of any Arizona defenseman. See usage table:

Valimaki is really special and positive. Maybe his future doesn’t lie in being a fantasy lover after all, but in being a closed guy who can get points. Either way, treating it as a cool blocker gives Moser a lot of freedom. Valimaki is now 24 years old, while Moser is 22.

Goaltender Connor Ingram has yet to play a game this season in which he allowed fewer than three goals. I admire the prospect, but his NHL resume so far has been less than impressive.


Before the season starts, I place payout bets against the odds of it happening. One of them was Kirill Kaprizov of Victory Rocket. After going five straight matches without a goal, he now has one goal in three straight matches. His three points on Sunday give him points in nine straight games and 14 points in that span. He has played at least five SOGs in each of his last four matches.

Sam Steel He’s been enjoying life lately as the central man between Kaprizov and Mats Zuccarello. He has three points in his last four games. He seems to be getting more comfortable there, and having won 9 of his 12 matches on Sunday, I think he’s stuck in the position for a little while longer. If he can really find his mojo and start producing before he runs out on leashes, there is a possibility. He has had a positive expected goal ratio in five of his last eight matches. Ryan Hartman Scrap Metal Recovery Coming?

Joel Ericsson Ek seven points in the last five games. His guys haven’t gotten any better over the last year, he’s just got more PD time and he’s doing really well. Five of his 17 points came on PP. Note that he gets more defensive The area always starts. His weight percentage is 35.5%, which means that compared to encounters in the attacking area, he takes more than twice as much in his area. The way he turns this into a production is a testament to his talent. I suspect it will slow down – it seems too good to be true.


Winnipeg’s pre-season “announcement” that new coach Rick Bowness would run offense through defense certainly came true. And while Neil Bionic was going at a similar pace as he does every year, it was Josh Morrissey who really thrived. Morrissey, 27, had three more assists on Sunday and has a season-high 23 points in just 20 games. Two years ago, in a 56-game season, Morrissey scored 21 points. He’s already passed that, only a quarter of the way through. At the expense of his defense, but when you’re at 94 points, who cares? He’s scored 20 points in his last 15 games, and while that blistering pace won’t continue, I wouldn’t bet against him scoring 70 points. When the defender reaches 70 points hit his ticket. This means that over the next few years he will get all the quality PP and ice time in the attacking area that he can manage. He will have plenty of leash and will be allowed to ride in long, stretchy pants, as trainers love proven production. Just look at Erik Gustafsson! He’s been awful for over three years now, but he still gets contracts and good PP time just because he got 60 points once. Once!

Cool Perfecti has points in three of his last four games. He made up an excellent third of a line alongside Blake Wheeler and Mark Shevell on Sunday. The streak created 17 chances and lost only seven. Perfetti has played a lot this season with Wheeler and B.L. Dubois, but things seem to settle down once Shevell replaces Dubois. Meanwhile, DuBois appears to have lit the fuse for Kyle Connor.


Pierre Marazeeq has conceded at least five goals in each of his last three matches. To be fair, the team averaged 42 shots in those games.


Andrei Kouzmenko became UFA’s biggest European signing since Artemi Panarin. Now completely comfortable with the NHL, he shines perfectly with teammates Ilya Mikheev and Ilyas Peterson. I blame myself for not trying to catch him when he only got two points in seven games. Since then, he has had 18 points in 14 games, with nine of them in his last five games. Here is the extra Sunday:

Ten goals already, what puts him on track for a 40-goal season?

In his last three starts, Thatcher Demko is 2-1-0, 3.01 GAA and 0.919 SV% with two QS. Positive signs after a very difficult start.


Two more assists to return Erik Carlsson and that gives him 32 points in his last 22 games. Ridiculous speed for an attacker, let alone a defender. call who?


Matty Benners enjoyed the first three-point game of his career last week. He enjoyed his second three-point game on Sunday. He has nine points at the four-point line. It seemed like he really picked it up once Jared McCann switched to a streak in place of Jaden Schwartz. Obviously, this decision also helped McCann.

Both Vince Dunn and Justin Schultz are in full swing for a 51-point season at the moment. Dan is currently seeing more PP time, but Schultz has points in five straight games (two on PP). It’s hard to say which way things will go, but I’m sure the injury will decide the loser. Both players tend to miss about 10 games, according to recent seasons.

Cam Fowler has 10 points in the last seven games after starting the year with four points in 15.


Arthur Calif scored twice last Sunday – both on power play as the Kings had to eliminate their second unit each time. He is now ahead of the Kings in PPP by eight with Viktor Arvidsson next at seven. Does that make this second unit… actually the first? It averages about a minute less than the PP time but is significantly more efficient.

Kaliev has 11 points in his last 14 games, but much of his success comes down to power play.

Ironically, Arvidsson does well at PP. He was legendary in Nashville for consistently leading the league with the fewest PPPs per 60 minutes of PPP timeout. A thing of the past now….


Some players “buy” low players for you to consider getting, in no particular order:

Tony D’Angelo

Elias Lindholm

Sam Reinhart

Alex DeBrinkat

For the guards…

Alexis Lafreniere

Marco Rossi

Nicholas Robertson


See you next Monday!

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