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Men’s Fashion: What if common sense meant a return to timeless classics?

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While we can no longer ignore the textile industry’s bad deeds on the environment, prioritizing the quality of your clothes over quantity is an idea that is gaining ground. And if a return to classic, timeless pieces is in keeping with common sense, does brand Bexley tell us in its latest campaign? It’s the new “good style and common sense”!

After years of excessive consumption of clothing, more and more knowledgeable men have decided not to follow the dictates of fashion and its ever-renewing collections. They prefer the most reasonable clothing options. Now that we know the evils of overproduction of clothes in the world, we know that a wardrobe full of taste is better than one that is too full. What could be more expensive than timeless, elegant and well-cut classics, designed with beautiful materials, or men’s dress shoes made of French calfskin?

“Stylish good, common sense” is also the brand message of Bexley, which, in its funky new campaign, plays on patriarchal sayings such as: “Once fashionable, it’s already outdated” or “Good quality has a price, but bad ends up costing more.” “.

These phrases that were sometimes ignored or even ridiculed in the past, now take on a new meaning.

Overconsumption of clothing: a trend that cannot continue

Flooding your closet with disposable clothes is becoming more and more of an issue for informed consumers like us, and it leads us to consider our individual responsibility. Indeed, with its social and environmental cost, fast fashion, and today’s ultra-fast fashion is unsustainable on the planet. Today the textile industry accounts for between 3% and 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than all international air travel and sea traffic combined, not to mention the thousands of water consumed per material.

Do we need to remind you that if we don’t slow down, projections say that by 2050 the textile industry could account for 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions? This is why the solution involves in part a change of habit, and the purchase of high-quality clothing that will last over time, beyond the phenomena of fashion.

Men’s clothing: the choice to refine your classics

For this specialist in shoes and menswear, originally from Lyon, quality begins with the choice of materials: calf leather for city shoes, 100% double-layer cotton for shirts, pure Geelong lambswool for sweaters.

Over the years, his expertise has evolved into sneakers, suits and then men’s ready-to-wear ranges. She now offers an entire wardrobe, from casual to jumpsuits, with pieces that fit well, without being tasteless.

As for its fair prices, it is explained by controlling costs, from purchase to distribution, without intermediaries. Thus, all its products (shoes, jackets, jackets, coats, trousers, accessories, belts, etc.) are distributed exclusively in 30 stores and on the bexley.fr e-commerce website.

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