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When “govtech” simplifies administrative procedures

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In recent years, in connection with the health crisis, administrative measures have become increasingly immaterial. Grouped under the term “govtech”, public service technologies are a real tool for modernization and simplification. No more waiting at the counters, now the procedures can be found online, in just a few minutes.

Although €200 billion, or 8% of French GDP, is spent each year by public actors with private companies, the market for selling technology products and services to the public sector remains largely occupied by incumbents and large vendors. current information technology. Increasingly, however, innovative startups are out there: France’s government technology market is estimated at €17 billion and could account for up to €20 billion in 2024, making France the largest government technology market in Europe, according to a study by public with Roland Berger.

The Covid-19 pandemic has isolated many people in their homes and disrupted the normal functioning of countries all over the world. This crisis has confirmed the urgent need to obtain, using the latest technology, a simple, efficient and transparent public administration, which puts the needs of citizens in the first place. doctolibAnd the Classes are openAnd the City ScottAnd the Rumba are some examples. Whether in the field of health, education, mobility or heritage, everyone envisions solutions that are beneficial to citizens and the administration.

Big potential market

The French macroeconomic context as well as the country’s proactive policies regarding innovation herald a dynamic market for the coming years, with annual growth of around 2 to 4%. The marché potential of govtech pourrait ainsi atteindre 20 milliards to the horizon of 2024. Huit verticales ont été analyzes, couvrant 90% of marché potential (soit 14 milliards d’euros): education, city intelligente, mobilité, santé, security, civic tech, defense , HR. In these sectors, the growth prospects are favorable: these are the sectors that are attracting the interest of public authorities and are slowly but gradually opening up to startups to gain flexibility and speed.

The development of government technology is directly related to the maturity of public actors to enter into contracts with startups. If investors are willing to fund the rise of these companies, only the support of public actors and government technology customers will bring lasting and real growth thanks to market structuring.

Materialization of administrative procedures

Thanks to govtech, it is possible to carry out most of its procedures from anywhere, by going to the websites of the respective departments. Provided, of course, that you have a computer and an Internet connection. The dematerialization of a birth certificate extract is a good example of such administrative simplification. Certain cases may require a birth certificate. This is the case for marriage, divorce, first application for an identity card, application for French naturalization, obtaining a family book or even an entry in the commercial registry.

Previously, to obtain this official document, you had to go to the town hall in your place of birth. Particularly restrained approach when you live far from him. From now on, all you have to do is go to the dedicated site and fill out an online form to apply.

Double access channels

This digital development allows multiplying the channels of access to public services. It is always possible to go to the counters, but you can also carry out your procedures by phone, mail and departmental websites. This saves a lot of time. On the other hand, digital access greatly dilutes other channels. On the other hand, the online process is much faster than other methods of administrative request.

Digitization also facilitates the establishment of data exchange between departments. For users, this greatly simplifies the process. The only drawback is that they require you to save a certain number of IDs and passwords. Sharing data eliminates the need to enter this information each time you connect to administrative sites. Especially since some identifiers are more difficult to remember than others. This is particularly the case for a Social Security number or tax number. create the France Connect stems from this aggregation of data. This service allows you to use the same username and password to access about a hundred online services. Equipped with this virtual keyring, you can file your tax return, consult your pension rights, take steps with city council and health insurance, check remaining license points or even contact your surveyor’s job center staff. In addition to simplifying your procedures, this system put in place by the state is also a guarantee of security and peace of mind for everyone.

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