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Bethesda RPG Starfield has stress-free survival elements

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A spaceship flying in space.

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with So many planets in star field Bethesda’s next space game, there’s plenty of room for speculation before it launches on Xbox and PC next year. But the time for guesswork is almost over. Inspired more by fantasy themes and “tone” than hardcore realism, the game aims to keep it fun while delivering a compelling simulation of space exploration, based on recent feedback from director and executive producer Todd Howard.

star fieldBethesda’s next big open-world competition is slated for 2023. While we know the game will be consistent with the studio’s previous work, with ” Bethesda-style classic dialoguewhich features many different outcomes and a large and ambitious open world where space travel is dangerous, there’s still a lot we don’t know. Director and executive producer Todd Howard recently interviewed Lex Friedman to discuss Howard’s career and the variety of mechanics, concepts, and visions in the development process. star field. Check out the full interview, which lasted nearly three hours, here:

Lex Friedman

According to Howard, one should not expect star field Being a bumpy space slide where the player has to keep track of a whole bunch of resources or else he might get stuck in space. “There’s some work to be done,” Howard said, speaking of the challenge of managing your resources and exposure to environmental risks, but it’s not hard. The scope of Survival and Challenge was changed and “restored” during development, which began immediately after the game was released Fallout 4– a development process that he said was more focused with its exclusivity on the Xbox console.

” [Running out of fuel in a spaceship] Pause your game, we found it. You’ll play the game and “I’m out of fuel, well, I guess I’ll be running around these planets trying to extract fuel so I can get back to what I did.” It’s just, you know, it’s a fun killer. »

Howard speculates that a strong mode may await the game in the future, but for now you can expect some pretty common challenges, like having to monitor your spacesuit for environmental hazards in space or on the planets, but not No Man’s Sky Level of assurance that all systems on your vessel are powered and operating optimally.

star fieldPlanets and Star Systems, which Howard describes as a balance between “handcrafted content [and] The “open procedural planets” experience is designed using sets of “realistic-looking” tiles that are then manipulated to wrap around an entire planet, an uncommon development practice for Bethesda games.

Bringing space to life was a matter of how Bethesda had “a system to generate these planets and make them look like planets,” Howard said. […] Reasonable, unlike […] fractally goop,” a reference to rendering and modeling techniques that are much more random and have less deliberate artistic design. This is probably partly in response to the lingering concern that [TK about the 1k planets or w/e that we wrote about.] Howard went on to say that the planets and systems themselves will also be flattened by a number, indicating how difficult one might expect in a given region of space.

The interview covers a range of sci-fi related topics, and the ‘tone’, usually described by how the game immerses you in its world, its overall vibe, and how that anticipation guides the various systems developed by the studio. . You’ll have to endure listening to a full interview with Lex Friedman, a man known for his platform bigotry like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, and cursory homages to the likes of Elon Musk (who was mentioned in Howard’s interview ), but at least there are some fascinating trivia about video games and Howard’s ideas.

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