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How does artificial intelligence help improve medical processes?

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Imagine a technology that allows you to imitate – and sometimes improve – the processes and tasks performed by humans and to do so continuously without the need for rest. This is one of the main reasons why artificial intelligence (AI) is so popular.

Often considered the father of artificial intelligence, John McCarthy defined it: “It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer software. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence, but AI should not be limited to observable methods biologically.”

By 2023, AI is expected to be one of the most used technologies in industries around the world and to be adopted in many daily operations, such as some medical and healthcare procedures.

Artificial Intelligence in Numbers: Market Growth

One way to find out if AI is actually being used in the business world is to look at the statistics that have been on the rise in recent years. According to Statista analysts, the artificial intelligence market is expected to grow exponentially by 2030, when it will be used in most sectors. In fact, IDC experts estimate that the AI ​​market will reach more than half a trillion dollars globally by 2024.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Industries have used AI to improve their operations and gain the benefits of this technology, with the healthcare sector taking the lead. According to the results of a survey conducted in 2021, 45% of healthcare centers worldwide use or intend to use AI technologies for data integration. Similarly, 36% of respondents said they use or plan to use natural language processing.

The uses of artificial intelligence in the operations of the health institute

The health sector is one of the largest in the world. To ensure our good health, industry leaders must operate as close to perfection as possible, avoiding mistakes that can be costly and harmful.

Artificial intelligence has been adopted by healthcare centers and hospitals in various processes – administrative and medical – which are essential for the proper care of patients and avoiding any errors or delays in their diagnosis. Machine learning is one of the most popular forms of AI use in healthcare settings. This form of artificial intelligence allows healthcare centers to predict which treatment might be most effective for a patient, given their composition and treatment setting. For this, it is necessary to enter the patient’s data and medical history so that machine learning, thanks to its artificial intelligence engine, can help the attending physician quickly determine the treatment that the person needs.

AI can also be useful in diagnosing and treating patients. Tools have been created to help diagnose the patient as well as the human.

Final thoughts

Artificial intelligence is not a new technology: it has been the subject of research and development since the 1950s and is now present in many of our daily activities. Most of these apps are so common that we don’t even notice them.

Our life often depends on the health sector. It is therefore imperative to have technology that allows you to speed up patient check-ins and make diagnosis faster and more efficient. Every health center should consider using artificial intelligence to benefit its operations in order to adapt to the modern world and its accelerating pace.

Translated article from Forbes US – Author: Alejandro Osís (CEO and Co-Founder of Rootstack)

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