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Margaux Klein and Sabina Kusuran, founders of The Klein Group and Heritages.io

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What is the concept behind the Klein Group and its Heritages.io platform?

Margos Klein: The Klein Group It is a Swiss company specializing in the private equity sector Margot Klein And the Sabina Choran. The group’s goal is to acquire or fund companies with fast cash flow expectations. The company raised 1.5 million euros in 2021 from its community. The Klein Group It is one of the first companies in Switzerland to register its capital in the blockchain. Institutional Margo And the Sabina Supporting more than 3400 individuals and businessmen during the 3 years all over the world.

The Klein Group Just launched a new platform: heritage. This new investment system makes it possible to obtain returns above market averages (11% on average per annum), even in times of recession. The heritages.io platform, based on blockchain technology, makes it possible to invest and make very good deals, already from 1000 € invested.

How did this idea arise?

create the Heritages.io It comes in response to many problems we have faced in the financial world. First and foremost, the position of women in this sector which is still mainly dominated by men. We wanted to give women a voice, to show them that it is possible to succeed in finance, as a business leader or as an investor. Our second goal was to provide a more transparent and flexible service to our customers, in a world undergoing a digital revolution. Our third wish was to build an offer open to all: a bet we succeeded because now it is possible to invest in our platform from 1,000 euros.

What are your short term goals?

As the economic crisis hits all of Europe and all markets seem to be in the red, we are often asked the question of the appropriateness (or inappropriateness) of investing in this difficult period. In this context of crisis, Heritages.io’s business model reassures and supports investors at every stage of their investment. Our aim is to provide a protective shield for people who want to protect their savings from the risks associated with an economic recession. We also want to support novice investors who have not yet mastered decentralized finance tokens or the blockchain. We provide our clients with a transparent and easy-to-understand service. With our knowledge of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse And Web3, we allow any investor profile to dive deep into this connected world without risk.

What is the business model?

We have created a business model that is simple and easy to understand. Depends on commissions and results: we buy assets that increase in value. The assets we offer (NFTs, tokens, etc.) are secured by blockchain technology. The goal is to resell these assets when they increase in value and redistribute the capital gains to the asset holders.

Our business model is highly scalable and highly effective. Resist fluctuations in financial markets and crises. The goal we set ourselves is to achieve several hundred million in revenue and public advertising within 10 years.

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