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New iPhone 15 Ultra Renders Details Apple’s Sweeping Redesign

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Early iPhone 15 leaks claim that Apple is planning this revamp of its premium line of smartphones. And now we have just seen what the new iPhone 15 Ultra should look like.

Extraordinarily detailed rendering by @employee (Across the camel, explaining how to report curved edges, and the dual front cameras and the switch to USB-C to see. The result is an undeniably modern yet undeniably retro iPhone.

What really stands out here is the curved structure, which has echoes in the 2013 iPhone 5c. Although this design wasn’t loved for its cheap plastic back, it was arguably the most ergonomic iPhone Apple has made since. iPhone 3GS.

Also, in terms of build quality, the iPhone 15 Ultra can’t be far from the iPhone 5C, as Apple tends to offer a titanium body. Titanium costs $35 to $50 per kilo which makes it about 30 times more expensive than the stainless steel used in the iPhone 14 Pro.

For that expense, titanium is 3-4 times stronger than stainless steel and can match the durability of stainless steel at just 40% of its weight. This will allow the iPhone 15 Ultra to be significantly lighter than the Pro Max models it should replace and just as powerful.

The renders also show how the leaky dual front cameras will power the island’s dynamic zoom. That’s right, this could be a polarizing change. Both cameras will enhance portrait mode by increasing depth perception. On the other hand, it will consume valuable screen space with battery, cellular signal and time codes already compressed into tiny spaces on current phones.

Finally, the switch to USB-C – while long overdue – doesn’t make much of a difference to the overall look of the phone, despite being slightly larger than the Lightning connector, which translates to a slightly wider port.

What the shows don’t show is the potential conversion to a Main Camera Sensor upgrade, moving from the physical to the Volume and Power buttons. Although these changes probably won’t make much of a difference to the design.

The downside to all these upgrades is the price. High component costs Intergenerational price hikes are a real possibility for the first time in iPhone history. The United States and China were the only two countries spared from these iPhone 14 model increases, but they expect no exceptions when the iPhone 15 lineup launches next year.

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