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Red, white and blue, the theme of the official dinner at the French White House

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Washington (AFP) French President Emmanuel Macron will serve butter-poached lobster and beef brisket with shallot jam and American cheese. He took his place Thursday as guest of honor at a red, white and blue state dinner at the White House, a first for President Joe Biden.

Dessert will be orange cake, roasted pears and fresh ice cream.

Everything from the menu and entertainment to the table settings and other tantalizing dinner touches has been designed by the White House and First Lady Jill Biden. Highlighting the bonds that unite America and its oldest ally, France.

The state dinner is a high diplomatic honor that the United States reserves for its closest allies.

“The design of this dinner is inspired by the shared colors of our flags, red, white and blue, and our shared values ​​of liberty, democracy, equality and fraternity,” said Biden. “These form the foundation upon which our enduring friendship is built.”

The first lady said she handled dinner the way her mother handled family dinners when she was growing up. His mother brought china and fresh flowers and lit candles “although we only had fish sticks from the fridge”.

“I knew that setting a table can be work,” she said, before reporters were allowed to view the dinner tables as part of a broader state visit to the United States by Macron and his wife Brigitte. Macron arrived in the United States on Tuesday evening.

Biden said the first state dinner at the White House since 2019 would be “an expression of hospitality and friendship, and a way to communicate through language beyond words.” She did not answer reporters’ questions and left the exam room after her brief remarks.

“Making people feel comfortable and at home” is very important to the couple, said Carlos Elizondo, a White House social secretary who has worked with the Biden family for more than a decade.

The glitzy black-collar gala dinner will take place in a cozy pavilion on the South Lawn with around 300 guests expected. They will be seated around a mixture of square and rectangular tables, covered in navy blue silk tablecloths and decorated with red candles and arrangements of red, white and blue flowers, including roses and irises, the official flower of France.

Porcelain from the White House collection will not be used because it is not permitted outside the Executive Mansion. You can dine in the outdoor cutlery.

The image of the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France to the United States in the nineteenth century, will be the backdrop for the president’s toast. American sparkling wine poured into silver French champagne decanters will be served for the toast.

White House Chief Executive Christita Comerford made a special call to lobster workers in Maine.

“They must have sent us 200 live lobsters yesterday morning,” she said.

Oceana, an international advocacy group focused on ocean conservation, has opposed the use of lobster in Maine., which was recently declared unsustainable by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch and Marine Stewardship Board. Sustainable development organizations have raised concerns about risks to rare North Atlantic right whales from fishing gear. Gear entanglement is one of the biggest threats facing whales.

Dinner guests, who are usually supporters and friends of the presidents, government officials, businessmen, and some celebrities, will have the added advantage of access to a White House decked out with Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands. The carriages will take them to the transparent pavilion in the South Lawn.

Music will be provided by Jean-Baptiste, a Grammy Award-winning New Orleans native who was most recently Bandleader and Musical Director for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Batiste would join his father, Michael Batiste, and the US Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force marching lines.

The event was produced with the help of Fete, a New York-based event planning company.

Jill Biden recalled that when she traveled to Japan to support Team USA at the Olympics, she ended up cheering alongside Macron at a three-on-three basketball game. Even though they were on opposite teams, “there was a friend we shared,” she said.

« We are the esperons that the final result of this series is a nuit that equilibrates the beauté de notre amitié avec le sérieux du but, and we are the esperons that les citoyens français partout ressentiront la chaleur de notre accueil », at-elle declaré lors du dîner d’case.

On Wednesday night, Biden and Macron dined at Fiola Mare, an Italian seafood restaurant on Georgetown’s waterfront.

Thursday’s dinner, the first in three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will not be a new experience for Macron. The French president was invited to the United States on a state visit by then-President Donald Trump in 2018.

Trump and his femme, Melania Macron, font un tour in the helicoptere au-dessus of Washington – the ville concue by the French Pierre L’Enfant – and the fleuve Potomac jusqu’à Mount Vernon, the domaine of George Washington, the premier president of United State. Macron was also honored at a state dinner.

Anita McBride, who has worked with three presidents and was Laura Bush’s chief of staff when she was first lady, said the first official dinner for a new administration always attracts a lot of attention and sets the standard for how the president and first lady handle entertainment. . . .

“In terms of audience, the most visible event that any White House or any president or first lady can host on the world stage is the White House, that is,” McBride said.

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