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World Cup 2022: France – Poland and England – Senegal – Live broadcast

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Our first email correspondence is, As a short poem by Kurt Perlberg. “There was America in the 2022 World Cup to pretend. The US will be a candidate for the 2026 World Cup. Thought provoking.

Argentina is also celebrating after beating Australia 2-1. Lisandro Martinez entered in the second half AlbicelesteHe tweeted: “Proud of this team. With what passion, united as always, we move forward!”

placed in the quarter-finals, Van Gaal also spoke about the Netherlands’ hopes of winning the tournament. “I think we have great opportunities here,” he said. “We still have three games left. I’ve been talking about it for a year. We can be world champions – it’s not what we’re going to do – but we can. I talk about team cohesion, how to build the strongest team possible, the joy I get from a group of players, and of course performance and results.

Seasoned observers of Louis van Gaal will have appreciated his reaction in Holland. Victory 3-1 yesterday against the United States. Not only did he give Denzel Dumfries, who scored his team’s third goal, a “big kiss” during his post-match press conference, but he also danced in the hotel lobby. The team over the past hour all the speed of a cranky uncle. marriage.

Looking for more information about Senegal, And then before facing England? Here is Ed Aarons’ poll report.

In more unpleasant news, Researchers have warned that mass gatherings in pubs and homes, in the wake of progress made by the United Kingdom in Qatar, may lead to an increase in cases of Covid virus. Professor Christoph Fraser, an epidemiologist at the University of Oxford, pointed to a similar effect during Euro 2020: “It was a much larger event in terms of mixing between people and the spread of the virus than the celebrations held at Christmas that year. This suggests that one of the main factors affecting On infection rates this year is the UK’s performance in the World Cup. »

Jesus had a message for himself. Addressing his younger self. He said, “If there was a deadline, if I could look at you and say something, I would say ‘Gabriel, you are a winner.’ Thank you to everyone who sent messages of support and love.”

According to Sport TV in Brazil, Gabriel Jesus could be out for three months with a knee injury as the World Cup campaign ends prematurely. Unsurprisingly, Arsenal fans have their heads in hand.

beyond football

As we delve deeper into the knockout stages, what happens off the field? The World Cup is in many ways, very stressful. Here is the latest.

in Deptford, south east London, There is a generational gap in the local Senegalese society to support. “Senegal represents the house and I think they will win,” said Ndine Ndiaye. “But my kids were born here and have been England supporters from the start.”

an introduction

Welcome to another day of Qatar 2022, and here we are going to new depths. Today’s first match, of course, is Napoleon’s heroic cavalry derby between France and Poland. Who will win the battle of strikers Kylian Mbappe or Robert Lewandowski? One more game, maybe – we’ll find our notes, they have to be here somewhere – yeah, England vs Senegal. Are you coming home, right? old question. Is England good? This is Jonathan Wilson’s response.

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