Home News France alone, Carragher admits, “fascinates him more than England”; Liverpool described the goal as “terrifying.”

France alone, Carragher admits, “fascinates him more than England”; Liverpool described the goal as “terrifying.”

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Jamie Carragher has admitted that France is the only team he has impressed more than England at the 2022 World Cup.

France and England qualified for the quarter-finals on Sunday after beating Poland and Senegal, respectively.

Kylian Mbappe is at his best for the Blues They won 3-1 in the round of 16.

Later, England kept a clean sheet by eliminating Senegal, holders of the African Cup of Nations, from the World Cup. Jordan Henderson, Harry Kane and Phil Foden scored in the 3-0 win.

The Three Lions will now face Didier Deschamps in the quarter-finals of the competition next Saturday.

Ahead of that huge game, Carragher suggested that England had done “very well” in Qatar.

“Very fine again from England. Yes, we haven’t faced a ‘great’ team yet, but who else does for the so-called lower nations? Carragher told the Telegraph.

“You can only conquer what’s in front of you, but we do it very well.

“There is only one team I have seen in a World Cup that has impressed me more than England. Unfortunately, that team is France.

Jude Bellingham was instrumental in England’s opening brace against Senegal.

The 19-year-old was one of the best players in the World Cup He has been linked with a £130m move to Liverpool.

Carragher already thinks it’s scary how good Bellingham is.

“We’re seeing the life of an extraordinarily good talent unfold. It’s scary how good Bellingham is. If you want to create a prototype of a modern midfielder, this is it,” Karakar continued.

He has the physique and athleticism of a 27-year-old Gerrard and possesses all the qualities you would expect from a footballer: tackling, passing, assisting and scoring.

World cups turn great players into superstars. Bellingham’s ability has been recognized over the past few years so it’s no surprise he’s in the England squad.

“When he decided to leave English football for Germany, a bold decision at the age of 17, the weight was evident. Borussia Dortmund, the second oldest team in the Bundesliga, took over at the age of 19 and showed maturity beyond his years.

He added, “After Italy 90, Gazza became the most important player in the England national team. Owen looked the same after his goal against Argentina, the striker everyone thought would become famous in the ‘Golden Generation’.”

Rooney had the potential to drive England forward from the moment he made his teenage debut.

“Just like Bellingham now. Whatever happens against France and England success after that, his performances have defined Southgate’s side.

England fans won’t be the only ones lucky enough to see where his career takes him.

Bellingham isn’t just an English star now. He has won three more times since becoming a World Cup legend.

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