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Monster Hunter Rise is heading to Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation

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Capcom confirmed it Rise of the Monster Hunter It will officially make its way to consoles other than the Nintendo Switch in the works January 20, 2023. its main extension, Sunrise will follow shortly.

It was first released for Nintendo Switch in March 2021, followed by a PC version in January 2022. ascend It has since sold over 11 million units worldwide, with Sunrise It has sold around 4 million copies as of August 2022.

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The version on current-gen consoles would be a full “4K60” port with “3D audio” support, with the standard version available for $39.99 / AU$59.95, and the digital deluxe edition at a price $49.99 / AU$75.95.

in the GamesHub review Rise of the Monster Hunter for the computerAnd the Reviewer Percy Ranson called it “a fun, well-designed game with engaging innovations that make it a great addition to the Monster Hunter series.”

The GamesHub Review Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn of the Sun She was more positive, with Ranson calling him “phenomenal” and saying that “the unique ideas he brings Rise of the Monster Hunter Finely tweaked, Endgame now has the content it sorely lacked.

New monster hunter mobile address is also enabled, which will see Capcom partner with mobile game development veterans TiMi Studio Group, known in particular for their work on Call of Duty: Mobile And the Pokemon unite. Although details have yet to be revealed, it would be a “one-size-fits-all” mobile experience that caters to both new and returning players.

Rise of the Monster Hunter will be available at Xbox Series X/S, Xbox OneAnd the PS5 and PS4 on me January 20, 2023 It will also be included as a Day 1 release via Game Pass on Xbox and PC. Sunrise It is said to be available on Spring 2023 (Northern Hemisphere).

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