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Discover the history of Baldia

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Paldea is the newest region in the Pokemon franchise. This is the central location for Scarlet and Violet titles for the Nintendo Switch.

Based on an actual Iberian Peninsula that encapsulates modern Spain and Portugal, Baldia’s attractions are also based on culinary terminology.

As trainers explore Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, they’ll likely pick up more than a few bits of dialogue about the region’s origin.

Players may have heard of the Baladian Empire or the rise of the Great Pit, but there is much more to the history of the region. The information may not be as detailed as other regions just yet, but it’s definitely worth looking into.

Trainers can take lessons in Paldea’s history through Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gameplay

Much of Paldea’s history is not well documented, but much of it began to be recorded around the time of Great Crater’s appearance. Since its emergence, the crater has been a staple of the region for almost a million years. He even survived the rise and fall of an empire.

Thanks to the history lessons coaches can follow How to Play Scarlett and Violet, the community gets a rough idea of ​​how the events leading up to the events of the games played out.

Historical timeline of the Paldea region, according to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  1. 1,000,000 years BG (before games) – The emergence of a large crater in Paldea, and a lot of Baldia District forms around it.
  2. 2000 years BG – The Baladian Empire has begun to control much of the region. The Emperor issues an Exploration Decree to find the treasure said to be hidden in the Great Pit, which will later be known in-game as Zone Zero.
  3. 1000 years BC. J.-C. – Due to the cost and weight of several failed expeditions to the Great Pit, the Valdys Empire is in decline. The modern era is beginning to take shape in the region.
  4. 805 years BC. J.-C. – The city of Misagosa creates the Naranja/Ova Academy for budding Pokémon scientists. Depending on which version of the game you are playing, Mesagoza historically establishes one of two academies. Naranja appears in Scarlet, while Uva appears in Violet.
  5. 800 years BC. J.-C. – Attempting to usher in the modern era of humans and Pokémon, the Baladian Empire has allied with its neighboring countries in the region. The Emperor’s authority wanes over time until contemporary Baldian culture takes hold.
  6. 200 years BC. J.-C. – An expedition to Zone Zero led by a scientist named Heath would have reached the bottom of the Great Pit. Heath documents the expedition’s undertakings in the Scarlet/Violet Book, but the team’s exploits have been widely discredited by the academic community. The expedition finds samples of Herba Mystica and plants them in five different areas of Paldea, causing the Titan Pokemon species to grow.
  7. 140 years BC. J.-C. – Terastallized Pokemon They were first discovered and observed in Zone Zero.
  8. 87 years old – A research site has been set up in the Zero Zone to further analyze its secrets.
  9. 10 years BG – Professor Sada/Toru determines that the Terastal energy phenomenon comes from the crystals in the zero region. Tera Orbs were developed accordingly, allowing trainers and researchers to embody different species. Academy Orbs are provided to Mesagoza and the Pokemon League of Paldea.
  10. 1.5 years BG – Nemona has become the youngest manager to achieve Paldea League champion status. Team Star, led by Penny, stands against the academy bullies. Principal Harrington resigns, along with the rest of the Academy staff. Penny returns home to Galar to continue her education, leaving the rest of the Star Team to refuse academy classes and wait for their leader to return while antagonizing the academy and its students.
  11. 1.5 years BG (continued) Clavell and Jack left their research jobs to become director and professor of biology at the academy, respectively. Tyme retires as manager of Montenevera’s gym and is replaced by her sister, Ryme, changing the gym’s preferred type of item from Rock to Ghost. Tyme becomes the academy’s math teacher.

A year and a half after the exact Paldean timeline ends, the player’s journey begins through the region. They wake up to a new day as students at the academy and go on a treasure hunt all over the district.

Along the way, the trainer will befriend people and Pokémon, battle fearsome Gym Leaders, collect Herba Mystica, and turn the tide against Team Star. In the end, they themselves will descend into the depths of Zone Zero and unravel the mysteries with their own eyes.

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