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Esprit Dog Live in harmony with your dog

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Esprit Dog is the story of an encounter between Romaric and Mélody, dog owners, and Tony and Jessica, leaders of a dog training company who joined forces in 2019 to found the centre. Original educational videos, interactive and targeted training for individuals and future dog breeders, and charity events, Esprit Dog is revolutionizing the world of dog education! Update with Romaric Pagot, Tony Sylvester, Co-Directors and Partners.

Why is it necessary to train your dog?

You should know that the number one reason dogs are given up is due to a lack of education. Urine in the house, annoying barking, biting… issues that can be easily resolved with the right attitude. Our goal is to help owners better understand their dogs through simple and accessible video exercises.

I specialize in dog rehabilitation!

Esprit Dog has almost 1 million subscribers on all networks, cumulatively more than 120 million views of our videos on networks, this is what allows us to offer rehabilitation courses to gentlemen who have met dozens of dog trainers without success, with overly aggressive or very dangerous dogs not Someone wants to take care of her. Each year, we receive over 3,000 training applications, all from overworked employers who we are able to help. There are no bad dogs or bad masters, only solutions to be found, and this is how aggressive dog training was born.

Your courses are aimed at individuals, but also at those who want to become dog trainers

How to teach your puppy hygiene, signaling, first aid, and bite prevention Each lesson addresses a specific need. For example, we were lucky enough to welcome our puppy Candy Corso to the center. For three months, he was filmed daily while working with Tony, which allowed us to build a 12-hour course on puppy training. We are constantly in the field with the animals and are able to prove the effectiveness of our training, which is what makes us different! We also receive 45 teachers of future dogs annually at the center, to whom Tony imparts his methods. It’s a demanding, different hands-on, with a very busy program. The idea is to change the post and put yourself in the shoes of the dog and in the shoes of the master.

What do you rely on to change mindsets?

Specific exercises, educational tips, behavioral analyses, product testing recipes, demos, documentaries… We produce 3 to 4 videos a week to feed our social networks and share our experience for free with our community, always with the aim of helping them better understand their animal. It is important for us to exchange with gentlemen. The success of the first show made for dogs made us want to improve it. There are very strong public expectations about the demonstrations, which is why we are organizing a tour throughout France in 2023!

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