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Once again Bernard Arnault becomes the richest man in the world

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With a fortune estimated at 184.7 billion euros, and after occupying for several months the second and third positions in the ranking of the largest fortunes in the world behind Elon Musk and for a period of time behind the Indian Gautam Adani, CEO of the LVMH Group, Bernard Arnault temporarily climbed to the top of this ranking this evening.

This subtle development is explained by the sharp drop in Tesla shares on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday. But shortly after Elon Musk’s fortune of $184.9 billion passed on to Bernard Arnault.

For the head of Tesla, 2022 is full of obstacles. The billionaire’s fortune has declined by more than 85 billion euros in just one year.

Elon Musk’s business empire has suffered with his recent $44 billion acquisition of Twitter. Tesla shares have fallen more than 47% since its announcement, according to Reuters. Investors fear that Musk could be overshadowed by his responsibilities as owner of Twitter and thus negatively affect the automaker’s performance. In fact, Twitter shopping should take up a good portion of his time.

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