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Coup thwarted in Germany: German police arrest 25 far-right terrorists influenced by QAnon conspiracy

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Germany | On Wednesday, December 7, German police arrested 25 people suspected of involvement in a far-right terrorist plot to overthrow the government.

Underlying this coup attempt lie the conspiratorial ideas of the QAnon movement, underlining the growing threat that far-right groups pose to government officials across the West.

In an official statement, the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Federal Republic of Germany said that the arrests were made during raids carried out by the police in different regions of the country.

Those arrested included 22 Germans, suspected members of an unidentified terrorist organization, as well as two other German citizens and a Russian citizen suspected of supporting them.

Two suspects have been arrested outside Germany, one in Austria and one in Italy, while another 27 suspects are still under investigation.

According to Deutsche Welle, among the suspects is an active soldier in the special forces and several reservists in the German army, and the house and barracks of the active soldier are currently being raided.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office noted that members of the terrorist group have been influenced by multiple conspiracy theories, such as the American far-right movement QAnon and Reichsburgerwho seek to restore the old German Empire or Reich, which collapsed in World War I.

One of the arrested suspects, Heinrich XIII, who was to replace the German leader after the coup, has tried to contact Russian officials, although there is no evidence that Russia provided him following his requests.

in communication The German Minister of Justice posted on Twitter, Marco Bushmanwrote: “Democracy is well protected. Since this morning, a major anti-terror operation has been underway. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office is investigating an alleged terrorist network from among the citizens of the Reich. It is suspected that an armed attack on constitutional bodies has been planned.

Far-right groups have become larger and more visible across Germany since the start of the pandemic, and many have organized and participated in anti-lockdown protests. Earlier this year, German police arrested five people for their alleged involvement in a plot to kidnap the German Minister of Health, Carl Lauterbach, due to its support for various anti-virus measures. Last year, German police raided several locations in Saxony after anti-vaccine groups threatened to assassinate Saxony’s prime minister and other government officials for imposing restrictions on people who had not been vaccinated.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Siladitya Ray

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