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Call to place requests for DTT services

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Arcam (Audiovisual and Digital Communications Regulatory Authority) has launched a call for applications to allocate two high definition DTT licenses to the NFTA.

The call comes as existing licenses for the TF1 and M6 services are about to expire. Available spectrum as of May 6, 2023 is included in the R4 and R6 multiplexes.

RCOM will evaluate each application against the criteria set forth by the September 30, 1986 Act and Advocacy, in particular its interest in the public, its commitment in terms of support for creation, and its contribution to the diversity of information. And currents of social and cultural expression and actions in social affairs and public protection.

For the first time in its call for applications, RCOM invites candidates who are committed to supporting key societal issues, such as media literacy, information and digital citizenship on the one hand, and environmental protection and combating climate change. On the other hand.

Applications close on January 23, 2023, at noon, Paris time. After reviewing submitted applications for approval, RCOM will conduct a public test for applicants in February 2023, and then select two submissions. Negotiations will begin with the relevant candidates with a view to finalizing contracts for the final allocation of licenses for spectrum use.

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