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Metricool: The perfect solution for monitoring and managing your online presence

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A suite of services within the same solution Subscription formats are as diverse as they can be accessed: Metricool tends to establish itself as an essential part of digital communication strategies. In fact, the Spanish company proves that merit always constitutes a privileged path to success.

Analyze, manage and evaluate your digital content

With Metricool, what is given is an overview of its site and networks. Whether using the online platform or the tablet and mobile application, the user benefits from the centralization of various data related to all accounts. Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Google My Business, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Community manager, communication agency, small and large company find an opportunity to escape from this chasm of time that hides all professional activities on social networks. Metricool not only makes it possible to discover comments from different platforms in one click, but also to respond to them instantly. In the same vein, the user accesses the data from their own site. Similar to Google Search Console, we find out the source of traffic, information about visitors, pageviews, and all sorts of items that help in analysis. However, there is a big difference: practicality. Metricool has a much better interface than its predecessor and it’s really easy to get started with.

And that’s not all. Since activity requires precision to hope for efficiency, Metricool offers a deployment blueprint. Content written in the app is saved for publication when engagement rates are higher. To all this we add the possibility of implementing competitive intelligence. Then we think of the community manager who must manage the networks of many clients while monitoring their competitors and analyzing successes and strategies. Last, but not least, feature Metricool is also designed to be able to launch campaigns from its platform. We can also see the performance differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads, which is a useful comparison for adjusting your advertising investment.

Applied Founders Success

Originally, two entrepreneurs: Juan Pablo Tejela and Laura Montells. The first develops an intuitive tool for analyzing the performance of the second blog. But, more often than not, ideas that are good for oneself are good for others and they get it very quickly. Since the first tests in 2015, it has ensured fast and rational progress. From a turnover of €24,000 in 2016 to a close expectation of €4.5m when they reach 1 million users, Metricool is dictating destiny. And respect. Today the pair head up a team of 40 collaborators spread across the world.

Because customers followed … Warner Bros., Paramount, Volvo, Reno, McDonald’s, Burger King, Levi’s, Reebok, Coca-Cola … the list is far from exhaustive. Unsurprisingly, partnerships and collaborations presented themselves more as evidence than as opportunities: Meta, Google, Canva … Undoubtedly, the future of Metricool will be bright.

An international adventure is also an indoor adventure

In its quest to establish itself as a leading company in most parts of the world, Metricool has proceeded rationally. First spread in Spain, before dealing with Latin America. It was about linguistic consistency. Hence the attack of the United States was tempting enough to surrender to it. successfully. Two years ago, the company felt it had a place in France, a beautiful country to prolong the adventure with. The first result: continued customer growth. Second result: the difference too. Initially, Metricool had its office in Madrid, but after being hit by the pandemic, its leaders took the supposed part of the work remotely and management announced full remoteness for an expanded team. The joys of flexibility for each of the employees who communicated daily via Slack. With the teams in the USA, and with the arrival of the French, exchanges in Spanish naturally changed to English, making for an exciting shift.

So far, the Madrid team building has been divided according to Metricool departments (sales, marketing team, customer service, developers), but last September saw its first group building of the team. One goal: to unite, strengthen and merge professions and personalities into the same squad and live the intensely collective adventure. The whole dimension is experienced as seen, goals are achieved and development continues.

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