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Nightingale gets a new game presentation at The Game Awards

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Inflexion Games has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Nightingale, an upcoming survival game for the shared world, at The Game Awards. The new trailer, presented in partnership with Intel, takes players on the journey of the Realmwalker, showcasing new gameplay features and the environmental hazards Realmwalkers will face. Trailer about 2.5 mins Long and highlights the magical world Nightingale.

Inflexion Games Unveils New Nightingale Gameplay Trailer

One of the most anticipated games of this year. Nightingale Receives new tractor gameplay at The Game Awards. At this point, the latest trailer shows players several serious challenges facing Fae Realms and how to overcome them. Moreover, the game is currently in testing with the community, and it is already in the works.

Some of the new features detailed in the trailer include:

  • caves: Set deep within the subterranean realms, exploration of these caverns leads to a host of discoveries and perils
  • slip: Wield a magical umbrella and glide through the skies of the Fae Realms, allowing players to fast travel, seek from the air, and avoid or, in more difficult circumstances, circumvent dangers lurking within the realms
  • new creatures: Some of the deadly creatures you’ll encounter include Giants, Ancient Eotens, and the Fire-spitting Bound – each presenting a daunting challenge to any Realmwalkers who cross their path.

Nightingale It is set in an alternate history of the Victorian timeline in which humanity spreads across the Fae worlds after their network of portals collapses. Craft, fight and explore as players venture through mysterious portals into a variety of stunning fantasy worlds. Build a life in Faewild, reconnect shattered worlds, and have players find their way back to the magical town of Nightingale, the last known stronghold of mankind.

Nightingale Currently in development for early access the computer It will be released in 2023.

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