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Where were Xbox, Starfield and Redfall at The Game Awards?

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The Game Awards has become a very polished production lately, imperfectly last minute contenders but essentially the Oscars and E3 have merged into one in terms of importance to the industry, especially now that E3 is actively collapsing in dust.

That’s why it was so odd to see Xbox not really have a presence at the show, when competitors like PlayStation closed the show with a Final Fantasy XVI spot, and Nintendo had a movie star present a snippet of the new Mario movie. Xbox had a general commercial running during the show that focused on Game Pass, but that was basically it.

This is especially strange considering the year 2023 should This will be a major year for Xbox with the release of Redfall and Starfield, and if Starfield is anything like other previous Bethesda games like Fallout and the mainline Elder Scrolls games, that same game could be one of the best GOTY games in a year’s time. , in theory.

Both of these games have been delayed from 2022 to 2023, although there are no actual release dates yet. Redfall is supposed to release in the first half of the year, but I’m not sure Starfield has committed to a new window yet, let alone a date, although most estimates point to the first six months of 2023 as well .

It looked like it would be a key moment, in front of almost 100 million viewers, to show more of the game and announce its date but instead… nothing. Even with Xbox executives Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond not using the series for the first time for anything. Not those two major games of 2023, nor a look at something else in the future like Fable or Perfect Dark.

While Microsoft was named Publisher of the Year by Metacritic in 2021, here in 2022 it’s had a handful of nominations in the major categories, and God of War rival Sony Ragnarok has taken home award after award. and landed at Horizon Forbidden West. Microsoft’s biggest win was As Dusk Falls in the “Games for Impact” category. But that went against Sony having the best narrative, music, sound design, performance, action/adventure and sports/racing, while Nintendo had the best action, family, simulation/strategy, multiplayer and the most anticipated. Xbox didn’t even have it designate Gaming falls into most of these categories. It’s been a pretty empty year for them, in general, and it would have been an opportunity to show that 2023 isn’t going to be like that. Instead, they said nothing. a stranger.

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