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How to Avoid Sweating in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

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Breaking into a “sweat” in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is not uncommon. Most of them can be identified by their clothing as they follow the trend of wearing fine leathers such as Aura, Crystal and Recon Expert.

What sets a race apart is their willingness to go the extra mile to chase an opponent. This includes chasing them halfway across the island, relentlessly shooting them down, and building 20ft structures while closing in on them in combat.

However, for some it is just a demonstration of skills and nothing more. Now one thing is for sure, avoiding sweaty players in Fortnite is the best thing you can do. However, here are some tips to avoid them in the game.

Give tips to avoid escaping the menace of sweaty players in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

1) Camp in the bush

While camping in the bush isn’t the best idea for running after errands, it’s a good alternative to shooting from behind. When being chased, players can slip into one of the many bushes on the map to hide from view.

When combined with a Bush Warrior Surge expansion in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, players can regenerate health and partial shields while inside large foliage. However, given the persistence of a sweaty player, it’s best to use the bushes to hide for a few seconds and turn around when the way is clear.

2) Use Trail Trashers to escape quickly

One of the best ways to avoid “sweating” in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is to stay mobile. Constant movement will make it difficult for sweaty players to find a suitable angle to attack. The best way to do this is on a Trail Thrasher (moto cross).

However, since Trail Thrashers consume gas, players will need to ensure that the vehicle does not run out of it. So, it is better to quickly find a gas cylinder and keep it in stock. Be careful, Trail Trashers do not offer any protection. Players will need to perform evasive maneuvers to avoid getting shot.

3) Try directing them to another team

Most sweats enjoy the thrill of fighting and enjoy competition. If the race refuses to withdraw from the fight and pursues them, try to lead them to another group of opponents.

If the time is right, they will withdraw and attack in order to provoke a fight. If players are lucky, the race can be eliminated in the ensuing shootout. Players can use this confusion to get out of the area and to safety. However, be aware that heading into a group of opponents also comes with its own risks.

4) Use firefly jars and pulse bombs to block the attack

firefly tractor They are great for destroying wooden structures and act as a powerful deterrent to potential attackers. If charged while running, players can use Firefly Jars to create a wall of fire between themselves and their opponents. This will buy them time to escape.

Instead, rush bombs can also be used for similar effects. Players can push them into the enemy to push them back. However, since the knockback radius is limited, sticking to fire is a better option in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

5) Stay away from players using “sweaty” skins

Finally, one of the best ways to avoid sweating in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 is to not engage opponents in sweating. Certain skins like Aura and Crystal are a clear sign that a player is sweating. Even if you’re not, it’s best to avoid taking the risk.

Avoiding them at all costs is best. Players can spot them remotely with DMR. Depending on where the next storm circle forms, players can accordingly get out of their opponent’s spin path and move completely away from them.

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