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“One of the dumbest things we’ve ever heard.”

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As Sportsnet Insider’s Jeff Marek promised in a tweet Thursday, former Vancouver Canucks linebacker Kevin Biksa ​​denied a recent story about the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals that former Vancouver Canucks captain Zdeno Chara called “one of the dumbest things we’ve ever heard.” “. . »«

In case you missed it, on a recent episode of the Games With Names podcast, hosted by comedian Sam Morrell and former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, the building character showed how the 2011 Boston Bruins wiped out a two-game deficit. First, then trailed 3-2 to win the 2011 Stanley Cup in seven games.

” she was [Alex] sting burrows; [Patrice] Bergeron’s finger, [Aaron] Roma succeeds in a dirty trick [Nathan] Horton, things like after losing a few games in Vancouver, we saw Vancouver players coming on the ice in the park and they were actually working out how to pick up the trophy and get the trophy back for themselves,” recalls the former Boston Bruins captain . . . the members they could face on the ice after winning the championship. … So that was a huge motivator for us.

Well, after immediately telling Marek that “100% didn’t happen” on Thursday, Biksa ​​popped into the Future Defenseman Hall of Fame for the first half of Hockey Night In Canada on Saturday with host Ron McClain and fellow panelists Kelly Hrody and Jennifer Botterill.

“One of the dumbest things we’ve all heard is, obviously, we all work with Elliott [Friedman] So that says a lot. Kevin Bixa I started. “I don’t think I should spend too much time suspecting that it didn’t happen because it’s logistically impossible. You think of all the media covering the final, all the competitions trying to come up with a different story than the other person. Obviously someone was He would report it or he had a camera, and Chara even brought it back a few of his comments from “we saw them in the park” to “we heard” to “we think we heard.”

I was upset originally because it’s kind of an attack on our character as a team and as an organization but also on our leadership group and you’re talking about the first three farmers’ surveys in Sedins [Daniel and Henrik] and the [Roberto] long time. that which you are talking about [Manny] Malholtra W [Dan] humhoes and me. To think that we would let something like this happen, let alone participate in it, is disappointing. Coming from a man like Chara, one would expect more, and perhaps a little more mutual respect that he would not repeat a story like this, insulting us, without checking the facts, seeing or witnessing them firsthand. So, I guess the main feelings I have now is just disappointment with him.

Next, Hrodi grabbed pixa points.

“Well, we were there, we didn’t see it and we had, I don’t know how many cameras,” said Hrodi. “We were snowboarding every morning as media so we were definitely going to pick that up again. …”

After that, clip the pixa again:

Can you even imagine? He asked rhetorically. “Can you even imagine a team in any era doing something like that? »

No! replied Hrodi. “When I heard that, I was completely in disbelief. »

Another member of Canada’s Hockey Knight team and three-time gold medalist in Canadian women’s ice hockey shared a similar story about Canada and the United States at the 2002 Winter Olympics, where the Americans were accused of fabricating a story for the show’s materials.

“Let’s talk about it, billboard stuff,” Bexa echoed. “To me, it’s for the weak; it’s extrinsically motivated. So you tell me you’ve dreamed of playing the Stanley Finals your whole life, you train for decades and then you get there, and you’re going to kind of tank in case someone says something that pisses you off? And then you’re really going to try; Then you’ll really get it So it’s silly to admit it all.

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