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FOCUS TECH | Believ wants to get rid of the paper receipts

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Every year, more than 30 billion receipts are issued in France, the equivalent of 2.5 million felled trees but also a waste of 950 million liters of water and 2 million barrels of oil. In this sense, the waste control law that entered into force at the beginning of the year states that the distribution of this small piece of paper will end from January 1, 2023 at points of sale and establishments open to the public (except for a contrary request from the customer).

To address this challenge, Lena Krollot, Robin Kahlon, and David Elmaleh launched Billiv in 2021, a solution to remove material from cash receipts that does not require time-consuming technology deployment. In concrete terms, Billiv provides merchants with a QR code linked to cash registers that customers can scan with their smartphones. The latter then gets its receipt immediately, without prior registration or download, or personal data collection. Thus, customers can access their tickets at any time through the Billiv app, without having to create an account.

For merchants, 3 more features are offered to improve customer engagement by integrating loyalty programs, building their online reputation by collecting buyer reviews, or even personalizing their digital receipts to make them communication tools.

“With the arrival of the waste control law in 2023, this year is crucial for us,” explains Lina Crolot, co-founder of the Parisian nugget. “Our ambition is to become the leading company in the field of dematerialization of receipts, reaching 1,000 equipped stores.” And the second fundraiser. »

Last July, Biliv was able to complete its first funding round with impact investment fund Asterion for €1.3 million. Billiv has already won over a hundred brands and companies, including La Felicità, Anticafé, Atelier de Famille and CBD Shop France. And to ensure that it is typical in terms of the carbon footprint of its solution, the latter relies on servers powered by renewable energy.

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