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Maison Rola, the art of bespoke weddings

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A fruit of family know-how, Maison Roula dresses combine modernity, tradition and luxury for weddings and festive ceremonies.

Family success story

Maison Rola is above all a family story, the story of Rola accompanied today by her daughter Lina. A famous seamstress in Lebanon launches her first brand in Lebanon. In 2013, Maison Roula was born with its workshop specialized in making bespoke wedding dresses. Once she finished her studies, Lina joined the family business, adding a touch of youth and freshness. The success story is in full swing before the dramatic explosion in Beirut on August 4, 2020, and the ensuing crisis in the country. Far from quitting, the two women face the challenge of continuing to express their complementary talents in the Lebanese capital. They support the local economy and knowledge while making the decision to take off in Paris. A few months later, their creation knocks on the doors of the French capital. Maison Roula opens its first store in the 2nd arrondissement and offers a collection of dresses in a modern and fresh style.

Lebanese heritage and Parisian modernity

Today, every piece bearing the signature of Dar Rola comes from a new workshop located on the outskirts of Beirut, a space that combines creativity, ethics and tailoring expertise. “Our creations constantly balance Lebanese traditions with Parisian modernity. For us, it is necessary to strengthen our roots by preserving our workshop in Lebanon, by upgrading our staff, but also by offering raw materials that are similar to us, ”says Lina Muhanna. These materials are above all the signature of Maison Roula with a selection of fine fabrics For the eyes and the touch. “Our dresses are based on the know-how of many refined materials such as mikado silk, embroidered tulle, lace and gauze.”, defines the designer. This art of material, we find it through bridal collections, the main products of the house, but also through different models of evening dresses These give the home a boost, in the latest collection, sophisticated cuts and captivating colours.

Custom design art

Within Maison Rola’s creative process, the art of made-to-measure manufacturing is enhanced by the designers’ design. “Our wedding dresses are often unique because they respond not only to the bride’s morphology, but also to her expectations of elegance and taste,” adds Lina Mhanna. In her Parisian boutique, which also functions as a showroom, she accompanies each customer with a personal and benevolent approach: from taking measurements to prototyping and including fittings. She adds, “The step of choosing the dress is always one of the most important milestones of the wedding ceremony, as we strive to make these moments unique and unforgettable memories.” It should be noted that in the context of the wedding, this approach is also valid in making dresses for the relatives of the bride and groom (witnesses, parents, family) who wish to wear the creations of the house on d day. All information about Maison Roula (model, appointment, contacts) can be found on its website and in pop-up shops in the capital.

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