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Twitter Blue subscription service has relaunched today

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The social network is relaunching its Twitter Blue subscription service today, which offers verification badges to users who pay a monthly subscription.


  • On Saturday, the company announced the decision in a statement tweetindicating that Twitter Blue subscriptions will cost $8 per month for those who subscribe to the site and $11 per month for those who subscribe through the iPhone app.
  • As mentioned earlier, the higher iPhone app subscription price is meant to cover the cost of Apple’s 30% fee on all in-app purchases, but users who sign up on the website should be able to access all of Twitter Blue’s benefits on the app.
  • Subscribers will need to register their phone number with Twitter in order to earn a Blue badge, as part of an effort to combat the impersonation that plagued the initial launch of Twitter Blue.
  • Twitter Blue subscribers who change their display name, profile picture, or ID will lose their verification badge until the account is reviewed.
  • Along with a verification badge, Twitter Blue subscribers will have the ability to edit their tweets, upload high-quality videos, and access reader mode.
  • The company is also promising a series of upcoming benefits for subscribers, including fewer ads, the ability to post long-form videos, and an increase in their numbers in search results or answers.

What we do not know

Adding a phone number verification process could alleviate some concerns about impersonators’ accounts, but it’s unclear how Twitter will use customers’ phone numbers to confirm the authenticity of their accounts. Twitter also didn’t say if it plans to check all subscribers one by one before awarding a verified badge or if the process will be done automatically. Before Elon Musk bought Twitter, verification badges were generally only available to people the company considered prominent, and the company often required proof of identity from a news outlet or currency.

to monitor

In addition to rolling out Twitter Blue again, the platform will also change the way it displays other verified accounts. according to Twitter Product Manager Esther Crawford Verified business accounts on Twitter will soon show gold checkmarks, while government accounts and other official accounts will have gray checkmarks.

main context

The platform first launched its $8-per-month Twitter Blue subscription last month as part of the company’s broader effort to boost revenue and reduce its reliance on advertisers, many of whom left the platform due to content moderation issues. It was Twitter’s first high-profile product launch since Musk completed his purchase of the social media company in late October. The launch was a disaster, as the platform was quickly flooded with fake accounts with “verified” badges that made it difficult to distinguish them from real high-level accounts. Musk, who ignored repeated warnings from his trust and security team about rolling out the service quickly, attempted to solve the problem by posting the Dictations to the parody accounts first. However, the company eventually had to put the new listings on hold to deal with the mess.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Siladitya Ray

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