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Wake up talent – Léocadie Ebakissé gives voice to talent

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Léocadie Ebakissé is the founder of Talents Awake, a consulting agency in transformation strategy and influence development. From Europe and Africa, it is the origin of an innovative program to support organizations: Alliance Leadership©.

Putting people at the heart of leadership

After twenty years of experience in human resources within large groups, family businesses and consulting firms, Léocadie Ebakissé has imagined another way to support organizations. An accompaniment that takes the human being in all that he is, by making use of his experiences, skills and desires. In short: for his talents. That’s how I founded Talents Awake in 2015 with a unique proposition: Lead transformation through a deep awareness of what drives leaders, employees, and entrepreneurs to serve a collective enterprise.

Professional trainer and certified trainer, Léocadie Ebakissé develops and implements innovative responses to the problems of each of her clients, whether they are in Europe or Africa, regardless of the sector of activity in which they operate. Thanks to the work done on values, soft skills and support needs, the individual and group coaching, delivered in French, English or Spanish, makes it possible to act in a coherent manner and build effective strategies to achieve its goals.

At the same time, Léocadie Ebakissé holds a second job: as expert moderator and speaker for international and African events, leading professional, institutional or scholastic meetings, she highlights, enhances and multiplies the impact of projects.

Alliance strength

Talents Awake applies a specific approach to each of its clients, from SMBs to CAC 40 companies, and from associations to entrepreneurs. This method, imagined by Léocadie Ebakissé because, by accompanying her to the assumption of positions or their development, the transformations of organizations or the development of projects, she found herself often confronted with the expressions of “male leadership” or “female leadership”. According to her, these checkboxes are ticking for both women and men: “When you free yourself from gender and focus on competence, experience, failures, and successes, you realize there is a third way. This is where projects go fast and far, where they have big impacts. This third way It is the “leadership of alliances©”, where men and women put themselves at the service of a project, without boundaries or limitations in terms of gender, culture and boundaries.

Throughout her corporate interventions, Léocadie Ebakissé relies of course on her own experience, but also on specific tools such as narrative practices, appreciative inquiry or the TRIBE’S© method, which she co-created. These resources, which are an integral part of Leadership Coalitions ©, make it possible to infuse creativity into making change and prove to be very useful, especially in group workshops, to create a tribal spirit, which will work for the good of the project.

To share and multiply this power of the coalition, Léocadie Ebakissé has co-produced and hosted the program ALTER EGO© since July 2022, in which the women and men leaders of coalitions, all architects of the Third Way to lead coalitions©.

Discover talents from Europe and Africa

Léocadie Ebakissé invests heavily in highlighting talent on two continents, and is particularly committed to entrepreneurial causes. Together with Mieux Entreprendre 93 and the Women in Africa initiative, she accompanies women entrepreneurs through mentoring, transmitting to them her vision and experience, thus empowering them to move forward and dare to materialize their projects. In 2022, she created Inspiring Entrepreneurs© (aired 2023) where she went to interview project leaders in Africa, real problem solvers in the informal sphere at the service of the challenges of the African continent.

In addition, Léocadie Ebakissé, a partner of the IMANI association, has designed a support program for women who are victims of all kinds of violence, in order to help them find work in line with their skills and desires. This tailor-made mentoring, whose mission is to help these women regain confidence (in themselves) and seek allies to move forward, is in the form of what Léocadie Ebakissé offers: naming their ambition, recognizing their talents and placing alliances at the center of its strategy.

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