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Sarah Poniatowski, stylist: “My style is elegant but not ostentatious.”

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Sarah Poniatowski regained her maiden name but Sarah Lavoine’s house kept her identity. Meet an interior designer who has become a reference in her sector.

Sarah Poniatowski Bathed from a young age in the world of fashion and design. Her eclectic tastes also led her to philosophy, communication, and theatre. But in the 1990’s it turned into interior design and decoration. She created her own design studio in 2002. It quickly became a reference and accompanied projects for personal housing and also for commercial purposes or reception areas, with a always warm and contemporary style. His latest projects? Cafe de Paris In Biarritz, headquarters Loreal In Levallois, bar Lagardere Paris RacingAnd the It’s a cafe In Tokyo or part of the Paris offices FB. the group Sarah Lavoine House Of furniture and ready-to-wear born in 2012, it consists of timeless fashion and decoration, enriched with new pieces every season.

How do you know yourself?

Sarah Poniatowski: I’m a designer and business executive. I wear these two hats every day. I cannot be one or the other; No project or construction site ever comes out without my supervision.

Where did this entrepreneurial desire come from?

B: I’ve always had this desire. Being your own boss takes a lot of restrictions and responsibilities, but also a lot of freedom. I love what I do and work with people who have a lot of talent and creativity. It’s all about sharing and sharing my interests.

Why did you resort to high-end furniture?

B: When you work in a hotel, office or apartment, you are instantly classy. Real estate is often designed, especially for hotels, restaurants, or corporate offices. There is a connection between space and the body, and vice versa.

How would you sum up the universe of Maison Sarah Lavoine?

B: It’s always complicated to talk about your own style. Warm, comfortable, reassuring, colorful, timeless and totally chic but not ostentatious. Elegance is in the details. I love things that last over time. I am not attached to trends. We also do garments and leather goods. I love things that last and have a patina.

What difficulties did you encounter?

B: We meet them every day. There are difficulties of course, even recently with the crises we have experienced or the pandemic. Everything gets complicated and takes time, be it the raw materials or the cost. I am impatient by nature, finding it hard to adjust to this new rhythm. As a creator, the difficulty varies. You have to refresh yourself and your brain is always in turmoil to find inspiration and stay a coveted brand.

What is the power of the house?

B: I would say his style and his reassuring side. People need to feel comfortable at home, even more so since the pandemic, with remote work. So my goal is to provide some kind of good[1]Be in people’s daily lives. There are a lot of exchanges, philosophy and psychology to try and understand the person in front of me and their desires. Each new project is a colossal human adventure and each new location excites and enchants me.

How do you envision the future of your business?

B: Quietly. We have always been very careful to be ethical and responsible in our company. We are dedicated to short-circuit production in France and Europe; Most often, 80% of our production is made in France. The idea is to develop the house internationally. We are present in 100 countries through distributors. It is very interesting to work with these people, who are our true partners and who make us present in several cities. But we would like to be more present in our own places, especially in Europe.

What does it mean to you to have built a company in your image?

B: I’m very proud of that. I did it initially out of passion and desire, then I created an identity and a brand with a name and I know how difficult it is to create a brand today. When I see someone walking down the street with a bag Sarah Lavoine HouseIt makes me very happy and I hope it lasts a long time and remains a coveted brand. I have strong goals for this brand like making it permanent. I would go far and keep it on demand and quality.

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