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Green Christmas: Unforgettable gifts under the tree

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Factors for Magical and Unforgettable Moments Christmas gifts must now include a new factor: environmental responsibility. Our pick for attention that makes sense under the tree.

Make the oceans bloom with Coral Guardian

The principle is simple, you Coral adoption through the referral system Payment: Coral Guardian is committed to planting your organic referral on coral reefs destroyed (by global warming or human activity) to bring them back to life and preserve biodiversity. for you or to present as a gift in the form of a Certificate of Approval with its GPS coordinates, the photo and the name you have chosen for the reef, from € 30 (€ 10.20 after taxes). Remember that 40% of these coral reefs and mangroves have disappeared over the past 40 years, and scientists estimate that if nothing is done in the next five years, coral reefs will completely disappear from the Earth’s surface by 2050.

Save the reefs by taking care of your own corals

The ecologically sustainable holiday pop-up shop

Until December 30th, you can make your own eco-responsible selection among the various spaces of this pop-up shop. On the programme, a grocery store with Artisans du Monde, fair trade and organic products from peasant farming. A fair and organic cosmetics area will also be available with new brands such as Yokoumi. and finally a great selection of decorative, home, fashion, and accessory items from the artisan cooperatives Artisans du Monde collaborates with year-round and from around the world.

Pop Up Artisans du Monde, 14 rue du Château d’Eau Paris 75010.

Pop up artisan shop in the world
Artisan du Monde, the Pop Up store is environmentally responsible

Green gift card and good deed

Start a co-op Ethi’Kdo progress gift card Environmentally responsible and as inclusive as possible with more than 1,300 brands and brands selected according to strict ethical and environmental criteria, including their products in an approach to quality and therefore sustainability. With the purchase of 2.6 cards per household and on an annual basis with an average value of €56, the company is navigating this new trend which represents a market of nearly €5 billion with an average annual growth of 20%.

EthiKdo Gift Card
Environmentally Responsible Ethi Kdo Gift Card

Very eco-friendly fashion must have

Trendy and perfect for keeping warm all winter long, Flotte – a 100% French brand – is a line of eco-designed, recycled and recyclable clothing, made from upcycled plastic bottles, food packaging and apparel. Monge Recycled Wool Sweater, €109.

The eco-recycled fleet brand
Fashionable 100% eco-friendly recycled fabric

Plastic-free cosmetics are like a dream

Hand soap, scrub, shower gel for hair, face and body and even accessories including a magical soap holder that cannot be missed… We are in the new Temple of Solids or “soap house” in Paris located in the “Unbottled” swamp. Its colorful and ultra-graphic world (virtuous materials, counter and furniture made in collaboration with French nugget Le Pavé) is indeed an invitation to visit. And why not extend the experience with installation in the heart a store A double sink that allows for texture and fragrance appreciation?

Bottle-Free Shop, 69 rue Vieille-du-Temple Paris 75003

Unpacked soap shop
Unpacked soap shop

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