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This Week’s Five Initiatives: Where we talk to you about a carbon tax, a car-sharing scheme, deforestation, and TotalEnergies

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In France and around the world, efforts are needed to reconcile the economy and the environment. Here are five green initiatives for this week.

Transportation Car sharing: a new plan to lift the brakes

Enabling France to reach a total of three million daily car rides: this is the aim of the new plan launched by the government, Tuesday 13 December, for the period from 2022 to 2027, in continuity That year 2019. With a budget of 150 million euros, this programme, intended for short trips of less than 80 kilometres, is designed to help motorists change their habits, but also to support local authorities in their mission to regulate this mode of transport.

verdict ➡ Carbon tax at the border: the EU gives the green light

The European Parliament and EU member states, on December 13, reached a provisional agreement on the functioning of the Mechanism for Adjusting Carbon Limits (MACF, CBAM in English). On July 14, 2021, the European Commission submitted its proposal for a regulation creating this unprecedented regime, which consists in applying to imports European carbon market standards, which are governed by the ETS-ETS Directive.

Biodiversity ➡ The European Union is stepping up its fight against imported deforestation

The new European regulation aims to ban the import of products derived from deforestation, including meat from livestock raised on farms responsible for this phenomenon. As COP15 takes place in Montreal, the European Parliament, EU Member States and the European Commission have reached agreement on a proposed text aimed at combating imported deforestation. Thanks to this regulation, Europe intends to ban all products derived from deforestation, and calls on companies to create a system of vigilance around the products they wish to market within the union market.

Water ➡ In Rennes, a self-powered sewage treatment plant

Last June, Rennes Métropole installed two OKwind photovoltaic trackers at the Laillé wastewater treatment plant. A solution that enabled the plant to gain up to 30% in energy autonomy. Photovoltaics and artificial intelligence improve energy consumption at the Laillé wastewater treatment plant. This is it “First in France to supply wastewater treatment plant”, specifies Rennes Métropole, who invited the specialist Okwind to install two solar trackers inside this station and on Purecontrol to ensure the management of this installation. The experience has proven decisive since the deployment of these solutions last June has seen the plant increase its energy autonomy to 30%.

energy ➡ Total Energy announced its withdrawal from Russian gas giant Novatek

On Friday, December 9, the TotalEnergies group announced, in a press release, that it would dissociate itself from Russian gas giant Novatek, at a cost of $3.7 billion in the fourth quarter of 2022. The French multinational cannot offer a 19.4% stake in the Russian company. , due to European sanctions targeting Moscow, Total Energy decided to withdraw its directors from Novatek. ” TotalEnergies’ 19.4% stake in Novatek will not be consolidated into the company’s accounts “, the group.

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