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Top 10 Festive Cities In France At Christmas: #6 Annecy

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Movies, markets and Christmas songs are becoming more and more popular in France and around the world. And for good reason, year-end festivities are fast approaching. Whether one is excited or not with the approach of Christmas, it is almost impossible to avoid the festivities…
Holidu, the holiday rental booking portal, has analyzed tons of data to reveal which cities are the most festive in France and make for the perfect weekend getaway for all Christmas lovers! The index takes into account the number of hashtags on Instagram, total search volume, the number of Christmas markets, and the average number of snowy days in December to reveal which cities are the ultimate winter wonderland.

The town’s Christmas market is located on the shores of Lake Annecy during the last months of the year. Intertwined with the churches of Saint-Maurice and Saint-François, this is the starting point for winter festivities. The surroundings are then decorated with the most beautiful motifs, perfectly anchored in the seasonal seasons. The Christmas market in the Alps is often accompanied by many activities suitable for children.

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