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What are the most desirable freelance jobs?

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Some rare skills are in great demand by companies looking for freelancers. Thus, they have real freedom of choice to choose their tasks. What are the most popular and in-demand freelance jobs?

IT freelancers: rare and appreciated expertise

The information technology sector includes many skills that are in constant demand in the labor market. Website www.freelance-informatique.fr, Platform for the self-employed In the field of IT, he has compiled a list required skills :

  • The developers And the web developers It remains a rare commodity. Its ability to code complex programs is especially essential for designing software, applications, and online services.

  • The Data scientists They have the expertise to exploit the data collectively generated by the company’s activity. Their analysis is valuable, for example to improve customer knowledge or develop a brand offer.

  • The Project managers Digital Freelancers who combine technical skills with knowledge in management and change management. Temporarily integrate into a team from the client company until completion of the handover.

  • The consultants They bring together a broad class of independent experts with many disciplines: SAP and other ERP software, Java, MOA, Visual Basic, VBA Excel… Their knowledge of a specific software environment is valuable for both implementation and configuration of the product on site.

  • The trainers Intervene on demand in all companies in order to familiarize their employees with a new tool: office automation, business software, collaborative cloud, etc.

What are the most popular freelance jobs?

Today, the IT sector is no longer the only one affected by the use of freelance professionals. In 2021, about 57% of French companies have chosen an external contractor at least once.. It also confirmed a 40% increase in the number of freelancers hired compared to the previous year.

New areas of expertise are gradually emerging for the professions of freelancers. This includes:

  • The creative professions (graphic and computer graphics designers, motion designers, etc.);
  • The Human resources professions (HR consultants, performance or wellbeing coaches at work, general coaches, etc.);
  • The sales jobs (VRP, Independent Commercial Representatives and Agents, etc.);
  • The real estate business (Real estate negotiators, rental management assistants, etc.).


The professions practiced under freelance status are constantly expanding. This wealth of talent and skills is an essential resource for most companies, especially in areas of shortage.

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