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Either Jorge Masvidal or the UFC is lying about the fight offer

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Gilbert Burns really wanted to fight Jorge Masvidal in his next UFC outing, but after months of back and forth, he’s moving on.

” I was [surprised] Parce qu’il a dit mon nom more fois à deux reprises dans différentes interviews », a declaré Burns dans les coulisses du UFC 282. , this happens.

But then it took time. From my point of view, he made me go on… “Oh, later, oh, next fight, next pay-per-view,” and I was waiting for what I think is a very tough fight for him. . He takes three losses to fight me. It’s a nice bonus if you beat me, but too risky I guess. »

Burns was one of the opponents Masvidal welcomed after losing three matches to former Camaro champion Usman and more recently Colby Covington. In response, Burns gave him a thumbs up and offered him a stable room. Then Burns and the world waited.

After several months of waiting, Burns became frustrated and accused Masvidal of declining several fights, prompting a fiery response from the two-time title challenger. Masvidal said he was not offered the fight against Burns. The Brazilian vet is sure there was at least a show on his part.

“He was lying, for sure, or Hunter and the UFC were lying,” Burns said. “I can’t believe they were. But they offered me Jorge.” Do you want to fight Jorge? That was the question. “Do you want to fight Jorge at MSG? You know what I’m saying. I said: Of course. Then they said: Not ready. We can do it on December 10th. I said yes.

Then George said to us, “He’s going to fight you in Brazil.” And I said, No, he didn’t say that. » [They said]’ No, he said it. I said, ‘Oh damn. Then a little later, the fight is over, we’re going to fight another guy in Brazil. Two of the men refused, W Neil Magney. »

At UFC 283 Burns will continue his career by facing Magney at a pay-per-view event on January 21 in Rio de Janeiro. This is his first match since the “Fight of the Year” match with Khamza Chimaev, which ended in a losing decision. But he is determined to get his career back on track.

Masvidal’s win would no doubt give him a head start, which is why Burns kissed him in the first place. Increasing wins is the other way to get back in the title shot, so Durinho sees another path.

“Of course I won’t chase Jorge, but I will chase another fight real fast,” said Burns. “Not overtaking Neil Magney – I can’t make that mistake again. I have to destroy that guy in Rio, find another guy. That’s the goal – to get three times, three wins and win another title.”

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