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Retailers: How do you make an impression over the holidays?

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Year-end celebrations often break all sales records for trade and retailers. In the face of a consumer increasingly attracted by competition and eager for new sensations and experiences, POS must make a difference by making an impression. With a good ranking, they can offer their visitors a positive experience aimed at encouraging purchase. For brands that want to improve their performance, their store design is essential. In order to prepare for this period synonymous with peak activity, to provide each customer with a unique and immersive buying journey, promotion is a very important ally.

Back to the basics of a winning strategy.

Take care of the layout of your point of sale

Sales area planning is a project that must be taken into account in the same way

Study its location. It makes it possible to align with the brand image and consumer expectations. Then the financial investment should not be underestimated and should be carefully considered. Thinking ahead in planning your point of sale is essential to better allocating your expenses.

Rethinking the in-store consumer journey

At the point of sale, visitors tend to move counterclockwise. Its surface design must therefore be based on the customer’s journey, but also on the sales goals to be achieved:

  • In the entrance on the right: the most visited section, where customers tend to buy and tend to buy. It is prudent to introduce new products and products with high margins;
  • The second half of the store: The lower part of the store attracts less traffic, you have to give a reason to go there. Products that sell well have an interest in being there, because customers are looking for them and will naturally go there;
  • Near checkout desks: Cheap items and bite-sized products will lead to compulsive buying.

Create an emotional impact

Once in the store, the customer must immerse himself in the world of the brand. For an immersive experience, all senses must be involved, sight, hearing, smell… This translates into the choice of tones, decor, furnishings, play of light, musical atmosphere and smell. It provides an unforgettable experience that will contribute to creating an instantly recognizable identity.

All of these elements must fit into the brand’s universe in order for the customer to associate their feelings with their experience. The brand image and point-of-sale layout have the interest of being built in synergy, to convey the spirit of the brand.

Create a differentiation effect

The window is the first point of contact with the store; It should arouse interest and curiosity at a glance to encourage further discovery. This space will define the rest of the path: passers-by can be seduced by offering products and entering the shop, or, conversely, turning away from it. Therefore, special attention should be paid to its design. What should you focus on?

  • Scenography: a window that tells a story, it is an invitation to discovery. It must inspire emotion and arouse interest, but also embody values ​​and reinforce brand symbols to fit into a cohesive whole in the image the customer will find in the store. Landscapes, characters, window layout, animation…
  • Lighting: the light should direct the gaze and enhance the areas to which it will be directed (preferably from top to bottom);
  • layout of elements: they should be arranged in stages and preferably placed at eye level or higher;
  • Renewal: the regular change of display satisfies the thirst for novelty. It proves the dynamism of the brand and its ability to listen to the desires of the moment and thus build loyalty.

Play the levels

According to the basics of point of sale planning, there are 4 levels of product placement:

  • hat (above 1.60 m);
  • eyes (1.10 to 1.60 m);
  • hands (0.60 to 1.10 m);
  • feet (less than 0.60 m).

The areas of the eyes and hands should be preferred: the gaze is fixed there naturally and the items are more accessible. Product design diversity improves merchandise and gives rhythm, while meeting the brand’s commercial goals.

Dynamic presentation to enhance your selling point

For brands that want to deliver an unforgettable experience to their customers and achieve their sales goals, digital signage is definitely one of the most powerful tools. Screens in the window captivate passers-by. In stores, digital signage is sometimes an informational support, sometimes an aesthetic support to enhance the brand universe. It allows you to create a custom atmosphere that is scalable and ready to use. Guides and entertains the customer through tense areas of the buying journey such as checkout and fitting rooms.

Tribune Posted by Benjamin German, Director of Marketing for Cenareo

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