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The Carmits brothers take the cinema to the hotel

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Elisha and Nathanael Kermitz, the two brothers at the helm of the MK2 film group, founded the Paradiso Hotel in February 2021, the world’s first movie hotel. In the heart of East Paris, this property offers top-notch hotel service and brand-new cinema experiences through 34 rooms, 2 suites and a rooftop terrace. cross interview.

You now run the Franco-Spanish film production, distribution and exhibition company, MK2, which was founded by your father, Marin Karmitz. How did this transfer take place?

Nathaniel Kermitz: It was our father’s desire to transfer the business. This was done in a gradual and orderly manner. We love the film industry, it is essential that you want to work in it. MK2 It is above all a fund of entrepreneurship and innovation, which is in constant motion. And just like that, making it possible to satisfy many desires and whims. It seemed obvious from the moment we were deemed fit to do so.

Elisha Kermits: MK2 It is a great toolkit that allows you to perform many different activities. What is transferred first, before the activities or assets, is valuable. Values ​​on the topics of choice, defending the other. These values ​​can be found in all of our activities and especially in Hotel Paradiso, which is a very unique, very innovative and unique project in the world.

this to say?

Estonian krona: You can watch movies exclusively in each of the hotel rooms through large screens. This hotel cinema offers a collection of thousands of movies every day. This is a proposition that is not found anywhere else in the world. For us, understandableParadiso Hotel It allows you to feel at home, not at home, but much better than at home thanks to a whole series of services. It is a temple for movie buffs and audio-visual lovers.

What inspired you about this project and how did you achieve it?

EK: whether in a profession Nathanael Or me, we have always tried to innovate in the cinema sector and make it live differently. We had land and real estate opportunity in the nation. We find the value of choice in Hotel Paradiso, because in its concept, we have chosen our collaborators, our artistic director, our artists j. And the Christian Boltansky. These people are handpicked to create this unique experience. The selection is also in the content. We have this desire to bring different things to our audience and pass on the passion for cinema.

NK: The hotel – cinema or cinema – is located at the crossroads of two sectors in the midst of a revolution. On the one hand, cinema is witnessing the arrival of platforms and on the other hand, the hotel industry is also undergoing a transformation.

What is the goal of the Paradiso Hotel and what were the returns for 2021?

EK: We had the feeling that there was an expectation on the part of the Parisian, national and international audience for this type of residency show, which it isn’t.Airbnb, or the traditional hotel industry. We were not wrong as the success was almost instantaneous. The rooms were filled instantly. Big companies like groscusAnd the Netflix or Amazon They have already privatized the hotel to show their show. It is a place of cultural and Parisian life.

NK: The feedback is great because it is a new concept that is very popular with our local customers. It has been a great success since opening and now the whole world is interested in coming to the hotel.

What experiences can you find at Paradiso Hotel?

Estonian kronor: Pierre Nene He is one of the shepherds. In particular, he organized an event on a personal basis and used all the hotel’s spaces. The place could be privatized. The hotel offers a rooftop terrace for receptions, a karaoke or lof room, which we recently opened and which is an extension ofParadiso Hotel, an area of ​​120 m2 to celebrate cinema and entertainment. Finally, there are over thirty rooms equipped with large screens where you can admire Charlie Chaplin’s collage made by JR. You can live all these experiences in the hotel, but also in other experiences depending on the context, whether you are with family, friends or in a professional setting.

What are your goals for 2023?

NK: We’d like to maintain an occupancy rate of 93% and finally announce our next opening in France.

EK .: We organize, in July, in the yard Louvre square Paradiso Festival. The goal for 2023 is to perpetuate this event, so that it becomes a moment so defined by Parisians and a real encounter. A community has been created with the hotel, and this event has been shaped around personalities of different ages, of different origins, whose common feature is a passion for cinema and openness.

We are also preparing for the major sports competitions that will be held in Paris, in particular the Rugby World Cup or Olympic Games. These are very important events for us, as we will be able to welcome people from all over the world. Customers will be able to follow the competitions in the best conditions in every room.

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