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World Cup 2022 in Qatar: All you need to know ahead of the Argentina-France final

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On Sunday, December 18th at 4pm, France will face Argentina in the 2022 World Cup Final. Here is the information you need to know before this final.

Lionel Messi will play the last match of his World Cup career

The Argentina captain, arguably the greatest footballer in history, has confirmed that this will be his last game for Argentina in the World Cup. “There are many years left before the next World Cup and I don’t think it will be possible yet. “And it ends this way is the best.” Lionel Messi After Argentina beat Croatia in the semi-finals.

This is the fifth edition of the World Cup for Polga (35 years old). Lionel Messi was already runner-up in 2014 and felt throughout the tournament that the Argentine players were desperate for their captain to fulfill his dream this year.

Many football fans think the same: they want Messi to end his World Cup career with a win and the final missing trophy from his list.

Kylian Mbappe is aiming to win his second World Cup, and his first Golden Boot

The French striker, 23, is just one game away from winning his second World Cup. World champions France are aiming to become the first country to win back-to-back World Cups since Brazil 60 years ago.

As Messi’s amazing career draws to a close, Kylian Mbappe He has the world at his feet, whatever his future is at the club. In addition to another World Cup victory, Kyk aims to win the Golden Boot, the tournament’s top scorer award. He is currently tied with Lionel Messi (five goals), but the Argentine has the advantage with three assists, one more than Mbappe.

The Argentine national team will have to find a plan to stop the French striker and prevent him from showing his explosive speed. England did well despite losing in the quarter-finals, but Kylian Mbappe had more freedom in France’s semi-final victory over Morocco.

The two teams aren’t just about their superstar

While Messi and Mbappe are undoubtedly the stars of their teams, other players have also impressed. attackers Julian Alvarez (Argentina) f Olivier Giroud (France) They each scored four goals in the tournament and still have every chance of winning the Golden Boot.

Young Argentine midfielders Enzo Fernandez (21 years old) and Alexis McCallister (23) He also had an excellent heroism. for France, Anthony Griezmann It was consistently excellent, and Aureline Choameni(22) He was so great in midfield that he made you forget absences Paul Pogba And the Ngolo Kanteboth of them injured.

Messi and Mbappe are the stars, but it was their teammates who helped them shine.

No defense is infallible

It may seem far fetched, but less than a month ago, Argentina kicked off their World Cup campaign with a shock loss to Saudi Arabia.

Suddenly those who saw the Argentina national team in the final looked foolish. The pair of central defenders consists of Christian Romeroaggressive but erratic at times, and Nicholas OtamendiThe 34-year-old looked fragile against a weaker team on paper. The Argentine national team seemed more solid since that match, but its net was still consumed against Australia in the eighth game, and the second against the Netherlands in the last quarter.

France’s defense is also impenetrable. The semi-final victory over Morocco was the first clean sheet De Pleus and Morocco missed success against goal. England also had many chances to score but failed to come back.

Even though neither team has a flawless defense, both teams have scintillating goalkeepers. Hugo LlorisThe France captain was confident and showed his usual athleticism throughout the tournament by stopping several shots. Argentinian Emiliano Martinez He was also powerful and cemented his growing reputation as an expert in enforcing penalties.

Argentina has a monopoly on the story and the audience

The head-to-head record doesn’t seem particularly relevant for an important match like the World Cup final. However, of the 12 times these two nations have faced each other, Argentina have won six times, with three draws. But France won the last confrontation. That was in the 2028 World Cup finals, when the Blues beat the Argentines 4-3 in the eighth round, with a double from Kylian Mbappe. Argentina’s last victory over France dates back to 2009.

In the history of the World Cup, both countries have won the cup twice: France in 1998 and 2018, and Argentina in 1978 and 1986.

The support each team will have at Lusail Stadium (80,000 seats) for the final is certainly more important than the historical results. Argentina have been well supported throughout the tournament and the Argentine national team is expected to play as if it were at home in the final. The Argentine Embassy in Doha indicates thisBetween 35,000 and 40,000 supporters The Argentines are in Qatar for the World Cup, all hoping for a place in the final.

Editor’s expectations

There is not much difference between the two teams, and the match will certainly go to a penalty shootout, with slightly favorite Argentina starting. editing American Forbes It is believed that the match will end 1-1 after extra time and Argentina will win the 2022 World Cup on penalties.

Translated article from the American magazine Forbes – Author: Robert Kidd

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