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A very quiet Christmas for the French?

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Between the multiple strike notices announced for transportation and the skyrocketing Covid cases, it’s hard to predict what these Christmas holidays will look like. The first collaborative network of luggage lockers, Nannybag conducted a study to find out how the French perceive the period.

Lesson one from the study: This year, fewer French people will leave for the Christmas holidays. In fact, only 50% of respondents indicated that they would leave during the holidays. “It is not surprising to see this year that many people are choosing not to leave for the holiday season, largely due to tight budgets. », Explain Mathieu Balestre, co-founder of Nannybag. ” For those who will be fortunate enough to leave, the study reveals, on the other hand, that the hassle of commuting, full of luggage and Christmas presents, affects nearly 2 out of 3 French people. It is also in this type of situation that our luggage instructions come in handy and at a lower cost. »

In the same context, 63% of the respondents stated that this year, Christmas will rhyme with savings! 37% intend to get the most out of their holidays. In the vast majority of cases, French people who are about to leave will join their families (73%). 18% would take the opportunity to see their relatives and go sightseeing. And 9% will only go to tourism. In terms of preferred mode of transport during these holidays, 48% of French people who planned to leave would use the train, strikes permitting. 39% would prefer a car. 7% will get on a plane and 2% will take a train.

For many French people, the Christmas holidays are often complicated in terms of logistics: 71.4% think they are always loaded like mulesBetween gifts and travel bags! Furthermore, 62.5% admit that it is “too troublesome” to leave with all those Christmas presents. 25% think it’s “a bit complicated” and only 12.5% ​​think it’s not.

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