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Adventys, the professional induction specialist made in France

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Adventys specializes in the design and manufacture of induction equipment thanks to recognized expertise and 100% French production. A real guarantee of quality has earned the company increasing success around the world.

At a time when moving its production has become commonplace in the industrial world, Adventys stands out for its desire to produce everything locally, in its factory in Seurre, in Burgundy. A bias that allows this induction specialist to offer 100% of its production in Made in France but also to guarantee uncompromising quality across its entire range. Historically designed for kitchen professionals, Adventys products are also available to individuals since 2020. “We diversified our offer in order to offer individuals a high-quality range. In particular, we launched the concept of Octopus, the first induction barbecue, ”explains Clara Pellegrini, Director of Marketing and Communications In the company.

Present in more than 75 countries, Adventys has always managed to reinvent itself by putting innovation at the heart of its strategy. Thanks to its own integrated design office, the Burgundian company develops innovations every year in order to diversify and expand its offer a little more. “This is also the case with the Induc-Stone patent, more commonly called invisible induction that we have been able to publish for the construction of stadiums in the United States,” explains Mathilde Perot-Bell, Commercial Director at Adventys.

Present throughout the entire manufacturing process

If electronics are the heart of the business, Adventys also has its own sheet metal workshop where stainless steel bodies for the various devices are made, as well as another where brass inductors are produced before being assembled with glass-ceramic glass. “We really exist from assembling the exact components at the beginning of the production chain through to the final product, packed and ready for delivery. Everything is done from the ground up in-house,” says Jane Pirro, Industrial Director. Note that induction remains the least energy-intensive solution and technology with the best performance. Rationale in the context of the energy crisis.

Founded in 1999, Adventys now has over 6.5 million euros in turnover and is constantly increasing its activity. With approximately 15,000 products manufactured each year, this small and medium-sized family-run company hopes to continue expanding its offer, to open up to new foreign markets, but above all to perpetuate the Made in France tradition for which it is famous today.

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