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East Notes: – MLB Trade Rumors

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This off-season, I felt like the Blue Jays didn’t trade one of their three receivers for — Alexander Kirkand the Danny Jansen and the Gabriel Moreno. According to MLB.com’s Mark Vinsand, the Blue Jays were open to trading Jansen for the starting pitcher, but after a touchdown Chris Bassett On a three-year, $63 million deal, Feinsand reports that a trade is now uncertain.

Either way, Toronto is in a strong position to negotiate because there are avenues it can take. Top 2 Free Proxy Options – Wilson Contreras and the Christian Vasquez – off the plank, while being brave Shaun Murphy, making the Blue Jays the obvious no-brainer for any avid receiver. They can also choose to carry three players on the active roster, have the players roam the DH spot, or Moreno’s option to go back to Triple-A and go with Team Kirk-Jansen to start the roster. year at least.

Basset add-ons for turnover and Kevin Kiermayer To undercut the Blue Jays’ obvious needs to manage this winter, but in the competitive Middle East, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them ultimately choose to pursue more promotions, whether through trade or free agency. As such, John Heyman of the New York Post, and it should be noted that the Jays were finalists for Masataka Yoshida (The Dodgers were the finalists) before signing with the Red Sox. It’s unclear if Kiermayer’s signing came about because they didn’t have Yoshida, or if they tried to sign both, but given the former’s injury history and declining production, it’s not surprising to see them looking for another player.

Boston’s signing of Yoshida addressed the need to improve their offense following his departure Xander Bogaerts in San Diego. You may also have marked the end of any opportunity for Eric Hosmer, who was DFA yesterday, receives the bat regularly. Looks like the Red Sox locked the guy up Triston Casas As an everyday hitter, he’s a no-hitter, while Yoshida (and others) can take a few DHs while the Red Sox go around their batters. Boston Chief Baseball Officer Haim Blum spoke to Hosmer MFA for Mass Live’s Chris Cotillo.

Our list isn’t complete yet, but as we build our clubhouse we think it’s important to give Triston a clear path, and carry two left first basemen, we’ll fall short in other areas. Eric does the right thing and he gives her time to find her next opportunity. We knew when we first got him that day that he would come at some point, and we wanted to make sure we treated him right.

Cotillo also reported that the Red Sox attempted to trade Hosmer prior to the DFA, but found little interest in the league. Hosmer received a full no-trade clause as part of the trade that sent him from San Diego to Boston at the deadline, but Cotillo’s report said the lack of a trade interest meant the no-trade clause never went into effect. The Red Sox can still trade him while he’s on assignment, but it seems likely that he could be released on the open market.

While a Hosmer trade seems unlikely, the team has been working on revenue, and the Marlins recently asked about it. Miguel RojasRegarding Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. Rojas was one of the best defensive shortstops in the sport last season, and as Rosenthal notes, the Marlins value that defense and turned down Boston’s investigation. Rojas is under contract for an additional year at a reasonable salary of $5 million.


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