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Giants sign Sean Blocker

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December 16: The Giants officially signed Al Mana.

December 12: left Sean Manya The Giants have agreed to a two-year, $25 million deal with the option to opt out after the 2023 season, according to John Heyman from the New York Post. Al Mana Company is represented by Boras Company.

The deal marks a return to the Bay Area for Mania, 30, who was Commerce Kansas City in Oakland as a prospect at the 2015 trade deadline under Ben Zobrist yes. Manaea made his debut with the A’s the following year and has been a constant presence in their rotation throughout his six seasons in Oakland, though he had a miss for most of the 2019 season after shoulder surgery.

However, with both his career ERA (3.86) and FIP (3.96) under 4.00, Manaea has been a very attractive arm to teams looking for assists in the rotation after the lockout ends this spring, so they sent him to San Diego with the prospect of rest. Aaron leave Gain prospects Eurybel Angeles and the Adrian Martinez. It didn’t go well with Manaea in San Diego, however, as he struggled in 2022, posting an abysmal 4.96 ERA (75 ERA+) in 158 innings as his FIP of 4.53 seconds improved slightly.

Perhaps this tough podium season is why San Francisco’s Manaea, which offered to take advantage of the inside during last week’s winter meetings, is making it available at a lower price than we’ve seen from the rest of the mid-market. It is of course possible for Manaea to bypass a larger guarantee in order to secure an opportunity to test the market again outside of next season, with the hope of seeing its results improve in 2023.

In that respect, the deal is similar to the one the Giants signed Carlos Rodon Until the last season, but with a much lower AAV average of $12.5 million compared to Rodon’s $22 million. The blocker can switch to substitute for the stick in a rotation that includes Logan Webband the Alex Cobband the Alex Woodand the Antoine Deslavagne, although Rodon eventually signed elsewhere in the off-season. Rodon is known to be pursuing a seven-year contract extension in the off-season, with the Cardinals and Yankees among those interested.

While it is unlikely Manaea can emulate Sterling Rodon’s 2022 production in 2023, there are still reasons to believe Manaea will be able to recover from his 2022 struggles next season. Strikeout and walk rates of 23.2 percent and 7.5 percent respectively are roughly in line with his career standards and were actually slightly above the league average last year according to Savant Baseball. And in the first three months of the season, Al-Mannai’s numbers were completely in line with his career rankings. Through the end of June, he had posted an ERA of 3.92 and an FIP of 3.76, a strike rate of 25.8% and a walk rate of 9%. However, in the final three months of the season, he shook the barrier by just over 6.00, with much of the damage being done to a pair of Dodger Stadium’s eight batters.

Blocker’s biggest problem in 2022 was the long ball, as he allowed 1.65 batters per nine innings, which undoubtedly contributed to his batting average of just 67.5%, the lowest in a full season of his career. By changing up its home games, Oracle Park, one of baseball’s toughest stadiums for home hitters, should help the immune system as it tries to get back into shape in 2023. If only Manaea can post a season more consistent with its performance in 2021, as it Posting a 3.91 ERA. /3.66 FIP in his 179 1/3 innings pitched, would justify San Francisco’s investment and be compatible with a larger deal, more in line with MLBTR’s four-year, $52 million guarantee. And expect for him it is not appropriate.

With their five starts in 2023 likely to prevent another surprise addition, the Giants appear ready to turn their attention to a roster that has struggled largely in 2022 except for the All-Stars. Jock Pedersen, who returned to the Giants by accepting a rehab offer early in the season. San Francisco has already added it Mitch Haniger But he is rumored to be interested in adding a second player, even after he gets lost while chasing him Judge Aaronand the Brandon Nemoand the Cody Bellinger.

Giants must also face the lost land Brandon belt and the Evan Longoria The agency is released in the off-season, while facing a significant downside Brandon Crawford After the 2021 season. It will be for the Giants Carlos Correa As their top pick in the free agent market, the Twins and Cubs are potential competition for Correa’s services. It also seems likely that San Francisco will look to improve its relief teams for next season. Previously, it was rumored to be an interesting deal Kenley JansenWho held with the Red Sox, with Camille Duval At the back of the ring chasing another option in the ring is like Taylor Rogers seems possible.

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