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God of Rock Releases April 18, 2023

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Rhythm A hybrid fighting game god of rock will be licensed for PlayStation 5And the Xbox seriesAnd the Playstation 4And the Xbox OneAnd the convertsAnd the computer On the other side Steam On April 18, 2023, publisher Modus Games and developer Modus Studios Brazil announce. This is a slight delay expected in advance of the Winter Release Window.

god of rock He will also be playable at the Holiday Matsuri anime, gaming, cosplay, and pop culture convention in Orlando, Florida, which runs from December 16-18.

Here’s a preview of the game, via Modus Games:


The mysterious god of rock has brought back the spirits of the greatest musicians in the universe to collide for their entertainment. Revita With new bodies and new powers, each musician will become a competitor at their own game, battling against each other for musical supremacy on the world stage.

god of rock It mixes rhythm-based gameplay with fighting game mechanics in tense one-on-one matches. Choose from dozens of unique fighters, each with their own design, mechanics, and combo attacks. Temper your opponent by performing normal moves and building up the meter by hitting notes to the beat of the song, then use the meter to trigger EX and special moves that deal damage and add complexity to their tracks. Finally, take them down with a devastating super attack! As the battle progresses, the musical path will continue to grow in complexity and difficulty until only one fighter is left standing!

Main characteristics

  • battle to win – Engage in high-level musical battles in this rhythm-based competitive combat.
  • Unlimited skill cap – The tracks will continue to harden until only one fighter remains.
  • Over 40 original songs – Each with their own unique and challenging tracks to master.
  • The universe is your stage – Control 12 completely different characters, each with their own playstyle across eight dynamic stages spread across the universe.

Game models

  • Story Mode – Follow your favorite character through the branching story mode and compete against other musicians to become the last one standing.
  • training mode – Master the most difficult segments of each song and practice performing special moves to the beat.
  • track editor – Put your own spin on your favorite tracks by adding and removing notes as you please.
  • local and classified online several – Compete head-to-head against players at home or around the world in casual and ranked multiplayer.

Watch a new trailer below.

Gameplay overview

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